Census pages (Information from personal research at Bristol, Gloucester and Taunton Record Offices, and Wiltshire and Swindon Archives.)

Marshfield Gls, Eng 1881
Notes for this census          
The christening, burial & marriage dates are generally correct, but please check them against the parish register for accuracy!          
The numbers are my reference numbers. They are not the house or enumerator's numbers.          
The 1891 column shows the location number for each individual in the 1891 census          
Surname Christian Status   Age Occupation Born Christened Buried Married 1891
  (maiden name in brackets)                  
1 Main Street                    
JONES Mary Ann Head M 62 Dealer In Fancy Goods (Tex) St James Bristol        
  Alice Daur U 32 Embroider & C Marshfield        
  Herbert Son   8 Scholar South Stoke Nr Bath, Som        
2 Main Street                    
DAVIS James Head M 54 Ag Implement Maker Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 54 Shop Assistant (Gen) Curry Mallett, Som        
  Ruth Daur U 23 Shop Assistant ((Blacksmith)) Marshfield        
  Thos. Son U 20 Blacksmith Marshfield        
  Frank Son U 19 Blacksmith Marshfield        
3 Main Street                    
BANE William Head M 56 Harness Maker Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 57 Harness Maker Wife Marshfield        
HANKING Sarah Ann Neice U 24   Bristol, Glos        
4 Main Street                    
HALL John Head U 30 Farmer Hay & Straw Dealer Marshfield        
  Henry Brother U 28 Ag Lab Farmer Marshfield        
  Charles Brother U 24 Ag Lab Farmer Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Sister U 26 Housekeeper (Dom) Marshfield        
5 Main Street                    
GOLDING John Head M 73 Retired Brewer Marshfield        
  Jane Wife M 67   Melksham, Wilts        
WEST Dinah Serv U 22 General Serv Cook (Dom) Calne, Wilts        
WESTON Martha Serv U 19 General Serv House & Parlour Maid Calne, Wilts        
6 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK Mark Head M 42 Baker Marshfield        
  Mercy Wife M 41 Ag Lab Colerne, Wilts        
  Edwin Son U 22 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Maria Daur U 19 Domestic Serv Marshfield        
  Alie Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Jonathan Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  David Son   2   Marshfield        
7 Main Street                    
HARDING George Head M 38   Marshfield        
  Louisa   M 36   Marshfield        
  Emma     13   Marshfield        
  Edwin     11   Marshfield        
  Bessie     8   Marshfield        
  Kate     6   Marshfield        
  Frank     3   Marshfield        
  Ellen     7m   Marshfield        
8 Main Street                    
HUFF Jemmia Head U 55 Income From Land Marshfield        
  Ann Serv U 12 Domestic Serv North Wraxall, Wilts        
9 Main Street                    
BRYAN John Head M 25 Butcher Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 20 Butcher Wife Colerne, Wilts        
10 Main Street                    
BLAKE Annie Head M 22 Wife Of Ag Lab Marshfield        
11 Main Street                    
YOUNG John Head W 77 Ag Lab          
12 Main Street                    
NOAD James Head M 30 Sheppard Lansdown, Som        
  Celia Wife M 27 Shepherd's Wife St Arvans, Monmouth        
  Tom Son   2   Marshfield        
13 Main Street                    
CHAMPION Henry Head M 48 Ag Lab Salford, Som        
  Rebila Wife M 53 Wife Olpen, Glos        
  Henry Son U 22 Ag Lab Olpen, Glos        
  Isaac Son U 18 Ag Lab Olpen, Glos        
  Orlando Son U 15 Ag Lab Olpen, Glos        
14 Institution: "School" Main Street                    
DAVIS Francis M. Head U 33 School Governess Marshfield        
15 Institution: "School" Main Street                    
ILBURY Mary Governess U 25 School Governess Oxton, Cheshire        
16 Institution: "School" Main Street                    
MAINGILL Jessie Boarder U 20 Scholar Salford, Lancashire        
GODWIN Ellen M. Boarder U 15 Scholar Sodbury, Glos        
GODWIN Frances M. Boarder   12 Scholar Cirencester, Glos        
HOOPER Amy M. Boarder   11 Scholar St Catherines, Som        
COLLINS Emily A. Boarder   10 Scholar Bath, Som        
CLACK Louisa A. Boarder   9 Scholar Bath ((Clevendon)), Som        
SOLOMAN Frank A. Boarder   7 Scholar Clevedon ((Cirencester)), Som        
GARDENER Louisa Servant   25 Domestic Servant Cirencester, Glos        
17 Main Street                    
SHERMAN John Head W 73 Retired Dissenting Minister London, Middlesex        
MOORE Ann Housekeeper ((Serv)) U 60 Domestic Servant Pill, Som        
18 Main Street                    
CLIFFORDM William Head M 58 Farmer Of 14 Acres Employing 2 Men West Littleton, Glos        
  Elizabeth Wife M 59 Farmer's Wife Chippenham, Wilts        
19 Main Street                    
BOOZ James Head M 37 P O Mail Driver (Carter) Nettleton, Wilts        
  Sarah Wife M 38   Ford, Wilts        
  Lydia Daur   13 Scholar School Teacher Cwmynsyfwch, Monmouth        
  Daniel Son   9 Scholar Ford, Wilts        
  John Son   7 Scholar Ford, Wilts        
  Sarah Daur   5 Scholar Ford, Wilts        
  Gideon Son   3 Scholar Ford, Wilts        
20 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK Hannah Head W 82            
21 Main Street           Birthplace        
GINGELL William Head W 66 Plasterer Marshfield        
  Clara Daur U 31 Dressmaker Colerne, Wilts        
PULLIN Thersia Grandaur   5 Scholar Cold Aston, Glos        
22 Main Street                    
HUGHES Ann Head W 70 Annuitant Marshfield        
23 Main Street                    
LONG James Head M 73 Retired Farmer Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 52 Farmer's Wife Swanswick, Som        
24 Main Street                    
JEFFERIES Charles Head M 65 Carpenter Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 77   Stinchcombe, Glos        
BALDWIN John Boarder U 79 Solicitor West Littleton, Glos        
JENKINS Susan Servant U 16 Servant (Dom) Marshfield        
25 Main Street                    
BUSH Sarah Head W 35   Didmarton, Glos        
  Sarah E. Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Edith Daur   5   Marshfield        
  Katherine Daur   3   Marshfield        
  Arthur Son   1   Marshfield        
SIMS Elenor Servant   20 General Servant Domestic West Littleton, Glos        
26 Maukin Lane                    
FURNIVAL Frederick Head M 24 National School Master Kingswinford, Stafford        
  Annie Wife M 21 National School Mistress (School) Much Wenlock, Shropshire        
27 Maukin Lane                    
HICKS William Head M 56 Ag Lab Chipping Sodbury, Glos        
  Harriet Wife M 62   Marshfield        
  Henry Son U 24 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Frederick Son U 22 Ag Lab Marshfield        
28 Maukin Lane                    
PERRIMAN Ann Head M 64 Wife Of Ag Lab Colerne, Wilts        
  Isaac Son U 25 Gardener (Dom) Marshfield        
CHIVERS John Grandson   11 Scholar Marshfield        
29 Maukin Lane                    
TAYLOR Isaac Head M 36 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 36   Marshfield        
  Walter Son   12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Herbert Son   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ruth Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Rosa Daur   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Dora Daur   3   Marshfield        
  Ada Daur   9m   Marshfield        
30 Mauking Lane                    
MILES Sarah A. Head W 41 Out Of Employment Tetbury, Glos        
  Henry James Son U 20 Ag Lab Kington St Michael, Glos        
  Rose Hannah Daur U 18 Domestic Servant Kington St Michael, Glos        
  John Son U 16 Ag Lab Kington St Michael, Glos        
  Sarah Ann Daur U 8 Scholar Nash Hill, Glos        
  Louisa Daur U 6   Surrendell, Glos        
  Thomas Son U 5   Surrendell, Glos        
  Alfred Son U 3   Surrendell, Glos        
  William Son U 13 Ag Lab Surrendell, Glos        
31 Mauking Lane                    
LOX Henry Head M 40 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Clara Wife M 21 Lab Wife Marshfield        
32 Mauking Lane                    
DYER Charles Head M 31 Ag Labourer Marshfield        
  Emily Wife M 30 Labourer's Wife Marshfield        
  Harry C. Stepson   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  George Son   2   Marshfield        
ANDREWS Sarah Boarder W 67   Marshfield        
33 Mauking Lane                    
TAYLOR Samuel Head W 42 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Daur   14 Scholar Marshfield        
  Thurza Daur   12 Scholar Marshfield        
34 Mauking Lane                    
CAMBOURNE John Head M 29 Ag Lab Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Sophia Wife M 31 Labourer's Wife Marshfield        
  Anna Sophia Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  William James Son   1            
35 Maukin Lane                    
BENCE Isaac Head M 63 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Wife M 62 Wife Marshfield        
  Jonas Son U 35 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Isaac Son U 32 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Annie Daur U 13 Scholar Marshfield        
36 Maukin Lane                    
FISHLOCK John Head M 54 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Fanny M Wife M 53 Lab Wife Marshfield, Glos        
  Frederick Son U 27 Ag Lab Marshfield, Glos        
  Henry Son U 20 Ag Lab Marshfield, Glos        
37 Maukin Lane                    
BENCE Charles Head M 50 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Joye Wife M 54 Wife Marshfield        
  William Son U 18 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Fanny Daur U 13 Scholar Marshfield        
  Isaac Son U 15 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Eli Son   10 Scholar Marshfield        
38 Maukin Lane                    
GINGELL James Head M 70 Plasterer Marshfield        
  Hannah Wife M 76   Old Sodbury, Glos        
  Charlotte Grandaur U 27 Domestic Servant Birmingham, Warwick        
39 Maukin Lane                    
COX Sarah Head W 43 None Marshfield        
SALMON Alfred A. Son   6 Scholar Marshfield        
40 Maukin Lane           Age        
FISHLOCK George Head M 55 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Jane Wife M 58 Wife Marshfield        
  George Son U 20 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  William Son U 16 Ag Lab Marshfield        
41 Maukin Lane           Birthplace        
DAVIS Thomas Head M 63 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 59   Marshfield        
  Mary Daur U 24   Marshfield        
  Ruth Daur U 20   Marshfield        
  Emma Daur   13 Scholar Marshfield        
  Louisa Grandaur   2   Marshfield        
42 Maukin Lane                    
BREWER George Head M 45 Ag Lab Coldashton, Glos        
  Elizabeth Wife M 42   Marshfield        
  Jane Daur U 17 Domestic Servant Marshfield        
WHITE Elizabeth Boarder W 70   Keynsham, Som        
43 Maukin Lane                    
FISHLOCK William Head M 61 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 59   Marshfield        
  Edward Son U 15 Ag Lab Marshfield        
44 Maukin Lane                    
BENCE Edward Head M 70 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 64   Marshfield        
45 Maukin Lane                    
MAYO Edward Head M 50 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 49   Marshfield        
  George Son   14 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Blanche Daur   7 Scholar Marshfield        
46 Main Street                    
MORGAN Joseph Head M 59 Plasterer Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 59 Plasterer's Wife Bath, Som        
  George Son U 22 Plasterer Marshfield        
47 Main Street                    
COLES George Head M 59 Basket Maker Marshfield        
  Esther Wife M 53 Basket Maker's Wife Ford, Wilts        
  Isaac Son       Marshfield        
  Arthur Son     Scholar Marshfield        
48 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK Emily Wife Head M 28 Ag Lab Wife Marshfield        
  Sidney Son   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Alfred Son   3 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ethol Son   6m   Marshfield        
49 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK John Head M 32 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Eliza Wife M 28 Ag Wife Colerne, Wilts        
  Albert Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Eliza Daur   4 Scholar Marshfield        
50 Main Street                    
HOOK Samuel Head M 60 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 63 Ag Wife Marshfield        
  Ellen Daur U 27 Domestic Servant Marshfield        
  Hannah Mother W 81   Marshfield        
51 Main Street                    
BENCE Thomas Head M 42 Baker Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Wife M 37 Baker's Wife Marshfield        
  Emma Daur U 14   Marshfield        
  Frank Son   12 Scholar Marshfield        
52 Main Street                    
ANDREWS Robert Head M 71 Ag Labourer Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 70 Labourer's Wife Marshfield        
  Francis E. Grandson   13 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Walter J. Grandson   11 Scholar Marshfield        
53 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK Elver Head M 58 Ag Labourer Marshfield        
  Sarah Wife M 50 Ag Labourer's Wife Marshfield        
54 Main Street                    
GREENLANDU John Head M 64   Marshfield        
TILEY Maria   U 32   Yeovil ((Doynton)), Som        
AMOS Flora     13   Doynton ((Yeovil)), Glos        
55 Main Street                    
ANDREWS Mary Head M 35   West Litleton, Glos        
  Kate     11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Hannah F   2   Marshfield        
  William M   13 Scholar Marshfield        
  Edwin     9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Jesse     6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Albert     3   Marshfield        
56 Main Street                    
PULLIN Thomas Head M 55   Marshfield        
  Catherine   M 49   Marshfield        
  Virtue   U 20   Marshfield        
  George     8 Scholar Dinas, Glamorgan, Wales        
  Albert     5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Alice     11 Scholar Marshfield        
57 Main Street                    
BOND Timothy Head M 42   Marshfield        
  Dorcus   M 37   Marshfield        
  Roda     13 Scholar Marshfield        
  Evan     11 Scholar Marshfield        
  George     7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Kate     4 Scholar Marshfield        
BURGESS Rosa     2   Marshfield        
58 Main Street                    
HICKS Sarah Head W 42   Marshfield        
  Charles     15   Marshfield        
  William     7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Louisa     3   Marshfield        
59 Main Street                    
HICKS Ann Head M 41   Marshfield        
  Emily     13 Scholar Marshfield        
  William     11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Thomas     9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Hannah     7 Scholar Marshfield        
  George     6   Marshfield        
  Harry     4   Marshfield        
60 Turnpike                    
HOLDER Jane Head M 33   Marshfield        
  Elizabeth     8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Henry     7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Frederick     6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Walter G.     4   Marshfield        
  Lucy     2   Marshfield        
  Ellen     1m   Marshfield        
61 Turnpike                    
SEAL Charles   M 42   Marshfield        
  Elizabeth   M 37   Marshfield        
SNELL Kate Emily     5   Sevington, Wilts        
62 Turnpike                    
SEAL George   M 74   Marshfield        
  Mary Ann   M 68   Marshfield        
  Mary Ann     7 Scholar Combe Down, Som        
63 Bellum                    
TAVENER George   M 42   Marshfield        
  Ann   M 42   West Littleton Marshfield        
  Edwin   U 15   Marshfield        
  William     13   Marshfield        
  John     8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Annie     4   Marshfield        
64 Bellum                    
ANDREWS Edward   M 66   Marshfield        
  Harriet   M 70   Marshfield        
TAVENER John Grandson U 17 Ag Lab Oldbury On Hill, Glos        
65 Bellum                    
CAREY Charles Head M 38 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ellen Wife M 38   Little Somerford, Wilts        
  Alfred Son U 15 Ag Lab Little Somerford, Wilts        
  Fanny Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Thomas Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Eliza Daur   3   Marshfield        
  Emma Daur   6m   Marshfield        
66 Bellum                    
CAREY John Head M 73 Ag Lab Seagry, Wilts        
  Sarah Wife M 65   Marshfield        
67 Bellum   Bellum                
STAGG Ann Head U 57 Handicap: Blind Marshfield        
68 Bellum                    
SHAIL Eliza ((Thomas)) Head M 45 Lab Wife Marshfield        
  Arthur Son U 14 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ellen Daur   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Jane Daur   3   Marshfield        
69 Bellum Houses                    
HAYES Edward Head M 75 Ag Lab Colerne, Wilts        
  Maria Wife M 75   Marshfield        
70 Bellum Houses                    
COATES Robert Head M 22 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Kate Wife M 22 Dressmaker Cold Ashton, Glos        
71 Beeks Mill                    
CROKER William Head M 42 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 41   Marshfield        
  Henry Son U 18 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Sarah Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
72 Beeks Mill                    
WRIGHT John Head M 34 Farmer Of (250 Acres Employing) 5 Men & 2 Boys Marshfield        
  Barbara Wife M 36 Farmer's Wife St Catherines, Som        
  Annie Mary Daur   7 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
  John Hooper Son   6 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  Alice Daur   5 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
  Charles Son   2 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  Emma Daur   1 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
ANDREWS Ann Serv U 18 General Servant Marshfield        
HUFF Milton Henry Visitor U 20 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
73 Beeks Mill                    
AMOS Henry Head M 40 Ag Lab Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Elizabeth Wife M 38   Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Alfred Son   17 Ag Lab Cold Ashton, Glos        
  William Son   16 Ag Lab Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Emily Daur   11 Scholar Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Ruth Daur   5   Marshfield        
  Henry Son   4   Marshfield        
  Rachel Daur   2   Marshfield        
74 Naily Farm                    
BEDFORD Joshua B. Head M 67 Farmer Of 240 Acres Employing 3 Men & 2 Boys Marshfield        
  Judith Wife M 62 Farmer's Wife Marshfield        
  Joshua Son U 32 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  Eliza Daur U 33 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
  Louisa Daur U 26 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
  Benjamin Son U 25 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  Charles Son U 21 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  Fanny Daur U 19 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
TILLEY Edith Grand Daur   6 Scholar Bulkington, Wilts        
75 Naily Farm                    
DREW James Head M 62 Ag Lab Newbury, Berkshire        
  Ann Wife M 58 Ag Lab Wife Marshfield        
76 Ayford                    
WATTS Daniel Head M 33 Farmer Didmarton, Wilts        
  Jane Maria Wife M 24 Farmer's Wife Batheston, Som        
  Mary Ann Daur   3 Farmer's Daur Ayford, Glos        
  Charles Nathaniel Son   2 Farmer's Son Ayford, Glos        
  Lucy Blanche Daur   1 Farmer's Son Ayford, Glos        
  William Brother U 31 Farmer Ayford, Glos        
COLES Elizabeth Ser U 17 General Servant Swindon, Wilts        
77 Ayford                    
WATTS Charles Head M 28 Ag Lab Hawkesbury Upton, Glos        
  Clara Wife M 32   Wexford County Orlando        
  William Son   8m   Hawkesbury Upton, Glos        
78 Ayford                    
HAYWARD Joseph Head M 43 Labourer ((Shepherd)) (Gen) Thempsford, Glos        
  Harriet Wife M 41 Labourer Wife Wellington, Som        
  Stephen Geo. Son U 17 Labourer (No Oc) Colerne, Wilts        
  Eliza Daur   11 Lab Daur Colerne, Wilts        
  Ruth Maria Daur   6 Lab Daur Colerne, Wilts        
  William Joseph Son   3 Lab Son Ayford, Glos        
MARSH James Lodger ((Boarder)) U 16 Ag Lab Swanswick, Som        
79 Oakford                    
WATTS Alexander Head M 59 Farmer Of (60 Acres) Employing 2 Men & 2 Boys Hawkesbury Upton, Glos        
  Mary Wife M 69 Farmer's Wife Hawkesbury Upton, Glos        
GREEN Sarah Jane Daur W 35 Farmer's Daur Didmarton, Glos        
  Jonah Rachel Niece   9 Scholar Ayford Marshfield, Glos        
80 Oakford                    
WATTS George Thomas Head M 26 Farmer Of 60 Acres Employing 1 Man & 2 Boys Marshfield        
  Mary Jane Wife M 21 Farmer's Wife Batheston, Som        
81 Oakford                    
WALKER George Head M 45 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Charlotte Wife M 44   Marshfield        
  Arthur Son U 13 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  John Son U 7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Jesse Son U 5   Marshfield        
82 Oakford                    
CULLIFORD Francis Head M 34 Ag Lab Carter (Ag Lab) Somerton, Som        
  Mary Ann Wife M 28   Cherrington, Glos        
  Margrat Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Alice Daur   4   Duntisbourne, Glos        
SCRIVENS John Boarder W 54 Shepherd Duntisbourne, Glos        
83 Rocks                    
BENNETT Thomas Head M 56 Gardener Domestic Serv Corston, Som        
  Eliza Wife M 52 Cook Domestic Servant Bitton, Glos        
  Alice Daur U 21   Marshfield        
  Thomas Son U 19 Groom (Dom) Marshfield        
84 Rocks                    
CAWTHORN William   M 40 Game Keeper Kingstead, Norfolk        
  Harriet   M 40 Dressmaker Whittlebury, Northampton        
  Jane   U 18 Dressmaker Whittlebury, Northampton        
  Mary Elizabeth     12 Scholar Brampton, Huntingdon        
  Mary Ann     10 Scholar          
85 Rocks House                    
TAYLOR Jessie Hesseltine Head W 33   Manchester, Lancashire        
  Darcy E. Son   12 Scholar Blackney, Lancashire        
  Leonard H. Son   5 Scholar Blackney, Lancashire        
  John Edmund Son   4 Scholar Blackney, Lancashire        
  Marion Daur   9 Scholar Blackney, Lancashire        
  Hellena Jessie Daur   7 Scholar Blackney, Lancashire        
BROADHURST Katharina M Visitor   34   Manchester, Lancashire        
  Margrat C. Visitor   10   Manchester, Lancashire        
  Agnes M. Visitor   9   Manchester, Lancashire        
  Katherine A Visitor   4   Manchester, Lancashire        
  John B. Visitor   7   Manchester, Lancashire        
CLIFTON Fanny Governess U 35 Governess Private (T R) ((Domestic Servant)) London, Middlesex        
FLETCHER Henry J. Serv U 30 Butler ((Footman)) London, Middlesex        
GIBBINS Edwar Serv U 24 Footman ((Butler)) (Dom) Colerne, Wilts        
WOODHAM Jane Serv U 29 Housemaid (Dom) Colerne, Wilts        
TAYLOR Elizabeth Serv U 23 Kitchenmaid (Dom) Sutton Veny, Wilts        
SMITH Annie Serv U 24 Laundrymaid (Dom) Bristol, Glos        
CLARK Rhoda Serv U 25 Laundrymaid (Dom) Bristol, Glos        
PICKERILL Clara Serv U 26 Housemaid (Dom) Claverley, Shropshire        
WEBB Eliza Serv U 25 Nurse (Dom) Colerne, Wilts        
  Georgina Ser U 24 Nurse (Dom) Colerne, Wilts        
BAYLEY Mary Visitor U 27 Nurse (Dom) Sutton, Cheshire        
86 Rocks House                    
BENCE Soloman Head U 25 Coachman (Dom) Marshfield        
HOUNDWORTH John Boarder U 32 Coachman (Dom) Manchester, Lancashire        
87 Rocks House                    
JOHNSON William Head M 45 Stud Groom (8) Cork, Ireland        
  Ellen Wife M 46 Wife Corston, Stafford        
  James Henry Son   15 Scholar Blackney Manchester        
  Edith Ellen Daur   6 Scholar Blackney Manchester        
  Charlotte May Daur   3   Blackney Manchester        
88 Rocks Lodge           Birthplace        
MERCER George J. Head M 30 Blacksmith Wellow, Som        
  Sarah Wife M 28   Norton St Phillips, Som        
  George F. Son   4m   Marshfield        
89 Rocks Lodge                    
AUST George Head M 34 Farmm Baliff Land Steward Colerne, Wilts        
  Henrietta J. Wife M 32 Farmm Baliff Land Steward wife Lyminge, Kent        
  Ethel Ann Daur   2   The Rocks Marshfield, Glos        
  Eveline Elizabeth Daur   10m   Rocks Marshfield, Glos        
BARNES Ellen Serv U 15 General Domestic Servant Warminster, Wilts        
90 Rocks Lodge                    
THORN George Head M 50 Ag Lab Sailsbury, Wilts        
  Elizabeth Wife M 52   Warminster, Wilts        
91 Rocks                    
WOOTON Edward Head M 32 Carpenter Tiverton, Devon        
  Mary Ann Wife M 31   Dunkerton, Som        
  Morena Daur U 8 Scholar Englishcombe, Som        
  Henry Son   6 Scholar Newton St Loe, Som        
  William Son   4   The Rocks ((Marshfield)), Glos        
  Frederick Son   1   The Rocks, Glos        
TARRANT Elizabeth Visitor   25 Domestic Servant ((General)) Dunkerton, Som        
92 Motcombe                    
PULLIN Thomas Head M 72 Farmer Of 114 Acres Employing 1 Man Colerne, Wilts        
  Rowena Wife M 62 Farmer's Wife Colerne, Wilts        
  Frederick James Son U 22 Farmer's Son Colerne, Wilts        
  Caroline Amy Daur U 18 Farmer's Daur Colerne, Wilts        
  Alfred John Grand Son   13 Scholar Colerne, Wilts        
93 Ashwick Grange                    
DREW Benjamin Geo.   M 30   Bagpath, Glos        
  Annie   M 31   Hawkesbury, Glos        
  Allen Geo. Tyndall     2m   Marshfield        
RODWAY Mary Hauling   U 26   Hawkesbury, Glos        
  Ada Elizabeth   U 23   Hawkesbury, Glos        
HOPE Elizabeth   U 23   Alveston, Glos        
HAYWARD Florance     12   Marshfield        
HOPE William Head M 49 Ag Lab Corston, Som        
  Caroline Daughter U 27   Olveston, Glos        
  James Son U 21 Ag Lab Olveston, Glos        
  William Son U 17 Ag Lab Somerford, Wilts        
  Arthur Son U 16 Ag Lab Somerford ((Dunsburne)), Wilts        
  Thomas Son U 13 Ag Lab Dunsburne, Glos        
BAILEY George Lodger U 24 Ag Lab Berkley, Glos        
95 Fuddle Brook                    
MAY James Head M 58 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 66   Oldbury On Hill, Glos        
96 Fuddle Brook                    
LEWIS Joseph Head M 69 Ag Lab Bitton, Glos        
  Fanny Wife M 70 Ag Lab Wife Swanswick, Som        
97 Fuddle Brook                    
CAREY Jacob Head M 33 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Jane Wife M 32 Ag Lab Wife London, Middlesex        
  Frederick Son   8 Scholar Mountain Ash, Glam        
  Sidney Son   6   Mountain Ash, Glam        
  Sarah Daur   4   Marshfield        
  George Son   2   Marshfield        
  Amelia Daur   2m   Marshfield        
98 Fuddle Brook                    
HAYWARD Mary Head W 72   Stonehouse, Glos        
DURNELL William Grandson   20 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Charles Grandson   13 Ag Lab Marshfield        
99 Fuddle Brook                    
HALL William Head M 46 Ag Lab Wadden, Wilts        
  Ellen Wife M 37   Hemington, Som        
  Amelia Daur U 15 General Servant Yatton Keynell, Wilts        
  William Son U 10 Scholar Yatton Keynell, Wilts        
  Ada Daur U 7 Scholar Yatton Keynell, Wilts        
  Edmund Son U 5   Yatton Keynell, Wilts        
  Frederick Son U 1   West Kington, Wilts        
  Flora Daur U 1   West Kington, Wilts        
100 Broadley                    
MAYS Edward S Head M 25 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Annie S Wife M 25 Dressmaker Coates, Glos        
101 Broadley                    
HOLDER Thomas Head M 29 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Elizabeth M Wife M 27   Sherston, Glos        
  George Son   7 Scholar Wick, Glos        
  Edith Mary Daur   2   Marshfield        
102 Sheep Fair Lane                    
REEVES Charles Head M 64 Ag Lab Marshfield        
PERRIMAN Thomas Boarder M 29 Gardener (7.5) Marshfield        
  Pamile Boarder M 25 Gardener Wife Marshfield        
103 Sheep Fair Lane                    
HULBERT Herbert   M 38 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Keturah   M 36 Dressmaker St Catherine, Som        
  Henry     12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Minnie     10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Caroline     7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Kate     4   Marshfield        
  Mary Jane     2   Marshfield        
104 Sheep Fair Lane                    
COATES Joshua Head M 64 Road Labourer Marshfield        
105 Sheep Fair Lane                    
COATES Sophia Head M 44   Millbrook, Hampshire        
BLAKE Sophia Step Daur   11 Scholar Bath, Som        
COATES Jane Daur   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Daur   5   Marshfield        
WALKER Louisa Grand Daur   2   Brislington, Som        
106 Sheep Fair Lane                    
HARDING Alfred Head M 36 Brewers Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 35 Brewers Wife West Kington, Wilts        
  Bessie Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Bertha Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Rosa Daur   4   Marshfield        
  Alice Daur   6m   Marshfield        
107 Sheep Fair Lane                    
LONG Joseph Head M 65 Ag Lab Marshfield        
Caroline LONG Caroline Wife M 48 Ag Lab Wife Westerleigh, Wilts        
  Emma Daur   15 Domestic Servant Marshfield        
  James Son   13 Ag Lab Son Marshfield        
  Joseph Son   11 Ag Lab's Son Marshfield        
DURNELL Eli Boarder   5   Marshfield        
108 Sheep Fair Lane                    
RUDDLE Sarah Head W 80   Marshfield        
109 Sheep Fair Lane                    
TAYLOR Ann Head W 67   Keynsham, Som        
110 Sheep Fair Lane                    
SHELL William Head M 55 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 50   Box, Wilts        
  Fanny Daur U 25   Marshfield        
  Henry Son U 15 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Emily Daur   13   Marshfield        
  Ada Daur   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Edward Son   6 Scholar Marshfield        
111 Sheep Fair Lane                    
PERRIMAN Jonathan   M 74 Ag Lab Keynsham, Som        
  Eliza   M 72 Ag Lab Wife Marshfield        
  Henry   U 39 Ag Lab Marshfield        
112 Sheep Fair Lane                    
BLAKE William Head M 68 Ag Lab West Littleton, Glos        
  Ann Wife M 59 Ag Lab Wife Tormarton, Glos        
  Arthur Son   13 Ag Lab West Littleton, Glos        
113 Sheep Fair Lane                    
HARDING George Head M 73 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 67 Ag Lab Wife Coalpit Heath, Glos        
114 Sheep Fair Lane                    
Bethia Bethia Head W 75   Buckland Dinham, Som        
115 Sheep Fair Lane                    
DENNIS Joseph Head W 77 Ag Lab Abern (Left)        
116 Sheep Fair Lane                    
PERRIMAN William Head M 41 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 32 Ag Lab Wife Marshfield        
  Mary Daur U 15 Domestic Servant Marshfield        
  Jessie Son   13 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ruth Daur   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Rhoda Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  George Son   2   Marshfield        
  Robert Son   11m   Marshfield        
JAMES Bessie Step Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
117 Sheep Fair Lane                    
ANDREWS Charles Head M 45 Thatcher Marshfield        
  Amelia Wife M 48 Thatchers Wife Marshfield        
  Isaac Son U 21 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  George Son U 13 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Charles Son   6   Marshfield        
  Mary Daur   1   Marshfield        
118 Sheep Fair Lane                    
WALTERS Thomas M M 55 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary   M 50 Work In Fields (Ag Lab) Marshfield        
  William M U 17 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Jessie   U 15 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Thomas M   12 Ag Lab Marshfield        
119 Sheep Fair Lane                    
WILLIAMS Sarah Head W 65 Work In Fields (A L) Kempsford Nr Cirencester, Glos        
120 Sheep Fair Lane                    
OAKWELL William Head M 81 Retired Hatter Bath, Som        
  Rebeca Wife M 72   Chelshop, Wilts        
121 Sheep Fair Lane                    
LONG Joseph Head M 67 Retired Farmer Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 73   Marshfield        
HANCOCK Ellen Grand Daur   3 Scholar London, London, Middlesex        
122 Sheep Fair Lane                    
HOLDER Edward Head M 58 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 57 Ag Lab Wife Marshfield        
  Matilda Daur U 14   Marshfield        
123 Sheep Fair Lane                    
CARTER James Head M 25 Groom (8) Shrewton, Wilts        
  Mary Ann Wife M 21 Grooms Wife Marshfield        
  William James Son   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Kate Lewis Daur   3 Scholar Corsham Side, Wilts        
  Ann Matilda Daur   2   Corsham Side, Wilts        
  Walter Frederick Son   2m   Marshfield        
124 Sheep Fair Lane                    
DAVIS Joseph Head M 28 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 26 Lab Wife Kington St Michael, Glos        
125 Sheep Fair Lane                    
CAMBOURNE John Head M 50 Publican Marshfield        
  Sarah Ann Wife M 65   Marshfield        
HATHERELL Kate Grand Daur   12 Scholar Marshfield        
ANDREWS Emma Ser U 16 General Servant Marshfield        
NEAL Joseph Lodger M 40 Laborer Castle Combe, Wilts        
  Emma Lodger Wife M 30   Bristol Castle Combe, Glos        
126 Main Street                    
KING Rebecca Head M 40 Dressmaker Castle Combe, Wilts        
  Elizabeth Daur U 18 Dressmakers Daughter Marshfield        
  William Son U 12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Annie Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Martha Daur   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ruth Daur   3 Scholar Marshfield        
127 Main Street                    
WOODWARD Henry (Senr) Head W 84 Retired Farmer Bremhill, Wilts        
  Jane G. Daur U 42 Retired Farmer Daughter West Kington, Wilts        
BROWN Harriet Serv U 27 Domestic Serv Pool Keynes, Glos        
128 Main Street                    
GARLAND John F. Head M 51 Druggist Civil Service (Postmaster) Holwell, Dorset        
  Jane Wife M 52 Druggist Wife Stockland, Som        
  Frank Son U 22 Druggist Civil Service (Postmaster) Son Marshfield        
  Sarah Ann Daur U 18 Druggist Civil Service (Postmaster) Daughter Marshfield        
  Thomas J. Son   15 Druggist Daughter Scholar Marshfield        
129 Main Street                    
TAVONER Jane Head M 40   Marshfield        
  Jesse Son U 14 Farm Serv (Agriculture) Marshfield        
  Dora Daur   12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Frank Son   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Earnest Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Eli Son   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Emma Daur   3            
  Elizabeth Daur   1            
130 Main Street                    
HULBERT Charles Head M 62 Clock & Watch Maker Marshfield        
  Frances M. Wife M 67 Clock & Watch Maker Wife Kingswood Wotton Under Edge, Glos        
131 Main Street                    
BANE Ann Head W 59 Baker Cold Ashton, Glos        
BAILEY Sarah Ann Sister In Law M 54 Boarder Marshfield        
132 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK Junia Head M 65 Farmer 5 1/2 Acres Marshfield        
  Maria Wife M 65   Road, Som        
  Charlotte E. Granddaur   5   Bath Widcome, Som        
133 Main Street                    
  Thomas Head M 63 Slaughterman (Butcher) Marshfield        
  Elizabeth A. Wife M 65   Marshfield        
134 Main Street                    
ENG Charles Head M 31 Carpenter Marshfield        
  Louisa Wife M 30   Cold Ashton, Glos        
  George Son   4   Marshfield        
  Alfred Son   2   Marshfield        
  Eda Daur   2m   Marshfield        
LONG Edward Boarder U 40 Ag Lab Marshfield        
135 Main Street                    
FARMER Matilda A. Head M 22 Wife Of Ag Lab Tormorton, Glos        
  Florence L. Daur   3m   Marshfield        
HOOK Hannah Neice   11 Visitor Marshfield        
136 Main Street Catherine Wheel                    
Mary Mary   W 71 Inn Keeper Bristol        
  Samuel W.   U 42 Painter Marshfield        
  Fanny A.   U 38 Gen Servant Inn Keepers Daughter Marshfield        
FARMER Maria   W 60 Gen Serv Marshfield        
GIBBINS James   U 62 Ostler (Domestic Serv Inn Groom) Monmouth        
137 Main Street                    
BOND Elizabeth Head W 70 Housekeeper (Dom) Marshfield        
  Elizabeth A. Daur U 37 Housekeeper ? (Dom) Marshfield        
  Laura Daur U 35 Dressmaker Marshfield        
  James Son U 28 Clothier (Tailor) Marshfield        
  Mary R. Granddaur   3   Bristol        
138 Main Street                    
Catherine Catherine Head W 68 Tailoress Bradford On Avon, Wilts        
139 Main Street                    
CROKER Sophia Head W 70 Annuitant Cristian Mealford, Wilts        
  Sophia Daur U 38 Handicap: Imbecile Marshfield        
140 Main Street                    
HALL William Head M 64 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 51   Castle Combe, Wilts        
  George Son U 20 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Louisa Daur U 15 Gen Serv Unemployed Marshfield        
  Henry Son   12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Rhoda Daur   10 Scholar Marshfield        
141 Main Street                    
HOLBROW Hester Head W 71 Annuitant West Kington, Wilts        
142 Main Street                    
JONES George Head M 30 Ag Lab Marfield, Glos        
  Mary Wife M 27   Hullavington, Wilts        
143 Main Street           Birthplace        
YEELES Hannah Head W 76 Annuitant Old Sodbury, Glos        
144 Main Street                    
WOODHAM Catherine Head W 66 Annuitant Marshfield        
  James Son U 30 Ag Lab Marshfield        
145 Main Street                    
JONES John Head M 28 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Wife M 24   Marshfield        
  Kate Daur   4   Marshfield        
146 Main Street Grocers Shop                    
HANCOCK Sarah A. Head W 67 Grocer Marshfield        
  William Son U 34 Boot Maker Marshfield        
  Henry Son U 27 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Samuel Son   25 Boot Maker Marshfield        
  Charlott Daur   29 Grocers Daughter Marshfield        
GIBSON Sarah Ann Boarder   8 Scholar London Battersea, London, Middlesex        
147 Main Street                    
BARNES William Head M 47 Tailor Penzance, Cornwall        
  Elizabeth Wife M 47 Tailor Wife Box, Wilts        
  John Son U 16 Painter (Apprentice) Marshfield        
  Ruth Daur   12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ebenezer Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  William M. Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
148 Main Street                    
PARKER George Head M 29 Farmer 58 Acres (Employs 2 Men) Pilning, Glos        
  Julia Wife M 31 Farmer's Wife Great Somerford, Wilts        
COTTLE Thomas Ag Lab W 58 Father In Law Great Somerford, Wilts        
  Charles Brother In Law U 28 Plumber & C Great Somerford, Wilts        
149 Weir Lane                    
JONES James Head M 32 Ag Lab West Littleton, Glos        
  Elizabeth Wife M 33 Ag Lab Wife West Littleton, Glos        
  Laura Daur   11 Scholar West Littleton, Glos        
  Alfred Son   9 Scholar West Littleton, Glos        
  Thomas Son   6 Scholar West Littleton, Glos        
  William Son   3 Scholar Marshfield        
  Albert Son   2   Marshfield        
  Frank Son   2m   Marshfield        
150 Weir Lane                    
HARDING Adalaid Head W 45 Dressmaker Marshfield        
  Adalaid Daur   11 Scholar Marshfield        
151 Weir Lane           Age        
HATHERELL Alfred Head M 49   Marshfield        
  Sarah Ann Wife M 43 Basket Maker Wife Marshfield        
  Adelaid J. Daur U 21 Gen Serv Unemployed Marshfield        
  William Son   19 Basket Maker Marshfield        
  Thomas Son   16 Basket Maker Marshfield        
  Alfred J. Son   14 Scholar Marshfield        
  Albert Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Emily B. Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Eda R. Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Lilley S. Daur   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Laura R. Daur   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Henry G. Son   2   Marshfield        
152 Weir Lane                    
HEDGES Charles J. Head M 37 Revenue Officer (Excise Branch) Alton, Hampshire        
  Betsey Wife M 30   Hantley Wintney, Hampshire        
  Ethel B.J. Daur   5   Alton, Hampshire        
  Charles W. Son   3   Alton, Hampshire        
  Edith M. Daur   1   Marshfield        
  Kathleen F. Daur   2m   Marshfield        
153 Weir Lane (Brewery)                    
HARRY William C. Head M 52 Farmer 300 Acres Employs 9 Men 2 Women & 2 Boys Sherston, Wilts        
  Adelaid J. Wife M 49   Henbury, Glos        
WOODWARD William J. Step Son U 23 Farmer's Step Son Marshfield        
  Marion E. Step Daur U 21 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
  Emily J. Step Daur U 19 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
  Walter J. Step Son U 16 Farmer's Step Son Marshfield        
AMOS Elizabeth Serv U 21 Gen Serv Doynton, Glos        
154 Ringwell Cottage                    
SHAIL Stephen Head M 51 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Emma Wife M 42   Marshfield        
  William R. Son U 20 Ag Lab Marshfield        
155 Ringwell Cottage                    
BARRINGTON Charles Head M 51 Army Pensioner Box, Wilts        
156 Ringwell Cottage                    
WOODHAM Ann E. Head W 59 Midwife Marshfield        
  Charles E. Son U 25 Haulier Marshfield        
  John E. Son U 23 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Grand Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
157 Ringwell Cottage                    
HICKS Daniel Head M 27 Malt Maker Marshfield        
  Ellen Wife M 26   North Curry, Som        
  Sidney Son   1   Marshfield        
158 West Lodge Ashwick                    
WOODHAM Charles Head M 44 Gas Man Marshfield        
  Emma Wife M 38   West Kingston, Wilts        
  Jane Daur U 17 Gen Serv (Unemployed) Marshfield        
  James Son U 15 Messenger Marshfield        
  Edward Son   13 Apprentice (To Gas Fitter & C) Marshfield        
  Alfred Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ellen Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Henry Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Emma Daur   3   Marshfield        
  William Son   2   Marshfield        
  Emily Daur   2m   Marshfield        
159 Ashwick Old Farm                    
COOK George Head M 50 Farmer 100 Acres Employs 2 Men Bath Larkhall        
  Elizabeth Wife M 50 Farmer's Wife Bath Batheaston        
  John Son U 20 Farmer's Son Bath Batheaston        
  William Son U 16 Farmer's Son Bath Batheaston        
160 Old Farm Cottage                    
HINTON John Head M 54 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Maria Wife M 56   Langhome, Wilts        
PERRIMAN Frederick Grand Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
161 Old Farm Cottage                    
MITCHEL Martha Head W 78 Formerly Servant Fairford, Glos        
CULLIFORD Frederick J. Grand Son   14 Gen Serv (Ag) Newport, Monmouth        
162 Pictons Green Cottages                    
TILLING Henry Head W 56 Ag Lab Minety, Wilts        
  Earnest Son U 19 Ag Lab Ashton Keynes, Wilts        
163 Pictons Green Cottages                    
BAKER Henry Head M 37 Ag Lab (Local Methodist Preacher) Colerne, Wilts        
  Jane Wife M 38   Colerne, Wilts        
  Rowene T. Daur   10 Scholar Batheaston, Som        
  William T. Son   7 Scholar Batheaston, Som        
  Alfred T. Son   6 Scholar Batheaston, Som        
  Henry F. Son   1   Marshfield        
164 Hunters Hall Farm                    
WARD Walter B. Head M 24 Farmer 180 Acres Employ 4 Men & 1 Boy Nettleton, Wilts        
  Harriett Wife M 28   Lacock, Wilts        
  Esther M. Daur   3m   West Kington, Wilts        
FAY Bessie Sister In Law M 23 Visitor Lacock, Wilts        
VIZOR Jane Serv U 30 Gen Serv Domestic Easton Grey Malmesbury, Wilts        
WHALE Job Serv U 20 Gen Serv (FM) Pinkney Malmesbury, Wilts        
165 Foss Lodge Ashwick                    
BULL Henry Head M 67 Ag Lab Steeple Ashton, Wilts        
  Mary Wife M 77   South Wraxhall, Som        
166 Raizes House                    
LAWFULL James Head M 47 Bailiff (FM) Yeovil, Som        
  Anna Wife M 50   Yeovil, Som        
  Amy Daur U 26 Dressmaker Yeovil, Som        
DUCKHAM Richard Visitor M 83 Farmer Yeovil, Som        
GIBBS Edwin Head M 37 Coachman (Domestic) Corsham, Wilts        
  Hannah Wife M 60 Coachman Wife Horton, Glos        
HICKS Edwin H. Grandson   11 Scholar Victoria (NS), Wales        
EYLES Osborne Boarder U 22 Groom (Domestic) Wotton Under Edge, Glos        
BAKER George Boarder U 16 Groom (Domestic) Dudley, Stafford        
167 Ashwick Mansion                    
TREVELYAN Emma Head W 66 Farms (86 Acres Of Parkland) (Farmer) York        
  Edward Son U 23 No Profession Bath, Som        
  Etheldreda Daur U 25   Bath, Som        
BURGESS Anne Serv U 63 Housekeeper (Domestic) Kentisbury, Devon        
RIDGE Emily Serv U 34 Ladys Maid (Domestic) Ilfracombe, Devon        
COMPTON Mary Ann Serv U 28 Cook (Domestic) Salsbury, Wilts        
HEARN Ellen Serv U 26 Housemaid (Domestic) Teignmouth, Devon        
WOOLWAY Isabella Serv U 20 Housemaid (Domestic) Street, Som        
LAWFULL Annie Serv U 20 Kitchenmaid (Domestic) Monksilver, Som        
CLARK Walter Serv M 22 Footman (Domestic) Bath, Som        
168 Gardners Cottage                    
WINDSOR William Head M 41 Gardner (Domestic) Cleavedon, Som        
  Mary Ann Wife M 38   Clevedon, Som        
  Annie Daur U 14   Newport, Monmouth        
  Elizabeth Daur   13 Scholar Newport, Monmouth        
  Emily Daur   9 Scholar Rockfield, Monmouth        
  Ellen Daur   1   Rockfield, Monmouth        
169 Coldwell Cottage                    
HOOK Isaac Head M 41 Gamekeeper Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 29   Hullavington, Wilts        
  Charles Son U 21 Gardner (Dom) Marshfield        
  Worthy Son U 19 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Rhoda Daur U 16 Gen Serv (Unemployed) Marshfield        
  Isaac Son   14 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Fred Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Lilly Daur   4   Marshfield        
  Ellen Daur   2   Marshfield        
170 Coldwell Cottage                    
BOX James Head M 20 Sheppard Pinkney, Wilts        
  Jane Wife M 24   Kington St Michael, Wilts        
171 Main Street                    
HALL Isaac Head U 23 Manager Of Grocers Shop Marshfield        
CRIDLAND Robert M U 20 Assistant In Grocers Shop Keynsham, Glos        
THOMPSON George M U 27 Assistant Grocer Horton, Glos        
ALLSOPP Henry   U 21 Groom (Dom) Sherston, Wilts        
FARR Maria   U 27 Assistant Draper Bristol, Glos        
OBIN Emma   U 27 Housekeeper (Dom) Chelwood, Som        
PALSER Anne   U 13 Apprentice (Draper) Westerleigh, Glos        
172 Main Street                    
WAIT Henry Head M 68 Maltster & Farmer Of 75 Acres Marshfield        
  Sarah Wife M 66 Farmer's Wife Mangotsfield, Glos        
  Chas. Luton Son U 32 Farmer's son Marshfield        
  Frances Eliza Daughter U 29 Farmer's daur Marshfield        
  Thomas Son U 25 Farmer's son Marshfield        
HANKS William Visitor U 4 Visiter Fyfield, Essex        
ANDREWS Rhoda Servant U 15 Servant (Domestic) Marshfield        
173 Main Street                    
BENCE Charles Head M 38 Farmer Of 20 Acres Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 37 Wife Marshfield        
174 Main Street                    
PULLEN Nathaniel Head M 51 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Catherine Wife M 51   Marshfield        
  Henry Son U 18 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Hannah Daughter U 14   Marshfield        
  Kate Daughter U 12   Marshfield        
  Charlotte Daughter U 10   Marshfield        
  Sarah Daughter   8   Marshfield        
  Jim Son   4   Marshfield        
175 Main Street                    
BLAKE John Head M 69 Agricultural Labour Marshfield        
  Sarah Wife M 48   Marshfield        
ANDREWS Frederick Boarder U 11 Scholar Marshfield        
176 Main Street                    
DAVIS William Head M 50 Farmer Of 30 Acres Marshfield        
  Hannah Wife M 49   Marshfield        
177 Main Street                    
TUCKEY Elizabeth Head W 75 Out Of Business Cirencester, Glos        
178 Main Street                    
KNIGHT Thomas Head M 41 Maltster & Farmer 50 Acres Chippenham, Wilts        
  Sarah Ann Wife M 42   Marshfield        
  Henry Son   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Thomas Son   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Anne Daughter   7 Scholar Marshfield        
DEIGHTON Walter Nephew U 21 Annuitant ((Out Of Business)) Tetbury, Glos        
SAGE Besse Servant U 17 General Servant Queremford, Wilts        
179 Main Street                    
TOPE John Head M 57 Police Sergeant Daington, Devon        
  Sarah Wife M 61   Cheltenham, Glos        
MATHEWS Charles Boarder M 25 Police Constable Stow On The Wold, Glos        
MADE William Henry Grandson   3   St Barton, Glos        
180 Main Street                    
READER Jeremiah Head M 26 Surgeon London, Middlesex        
  Jessie Wife M 21   Scotland        
TANDY Hester Servant U 19 General Servant Hawksbury Upton, Glos        
181 Main Street                    
NOWELL Harry Head M 48 Farmer Of 180 Acres Employing 5 Men And 2 Boys West Kington, Wilts        
  Jane Wife M 49   Devizes, Wilts        
WOODHAM Louisa Servant U 18 General Servant Marshfield        
182 Main Street                    
BURGES Elizabeth Head W 68 China Shop (Dlr) Nettleton, Wilts        
183 Main Street                    
BENCE Joseph Head M 36 Blacksmith Presley, Som        
  Mercy Wife M 39   Frenchay, Glos        
  Emely Daughter   4   Marshfield        
    Son   2   Marshfield        
184 Main Street                    
MORGAN Charles Head M 21 Tiler & Plaster Marshfield        
  Ellen Wife M 24   Bitton, Glos        
  William Son   1   Bitton, Glos        
  Frank Son   2m   Marshfield        
185 Main Street                    
GALE Michael Head M 44 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Margaret Wife M 39   Wellow, Som        
  Charles Son   12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Albina Daughter   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Harriett Daughter   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Isaac Son   4 Scholar Marshfield        
186 Main Street                    
DURNELL William Head M 60 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Wife M 59   Marshfield        
  Hester Niece   12   Marshfield        
  Agnes Louisa Granddaur   6   London, London, Middlesex        
187 Main Street                    
DURNELL Henry Head M 55 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Betsey Wife M 50   Stonehouse, Glos        
  Henry Son   14 Scholar Marshfield        
  Fanny Daughter   6 Scholar Marshfield        
188 Main Street                    
GAY Martha Head M 50 Labourer's Wife Marshfield        
  Charles Son U 24 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Frank Son U 18 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
189 Main Street                    
WOODWARD Augustus Head U 80 Retired Baker Marshfield        
  George Nephew U 53 Farmer Of 8 Acres 1 Man Bristol, Som        
190 Main Street                    
BATEMAN Henry Head M 45 Baker & Grocer Somerford Keynes, Wilts        
  Eliza Wife M 44   Marshfield        
  Emely Anne Daughter U 20   Marshfield        
  William Henry Son U 17 Baker Cold Ashton, Glos, Eng        
  Edwin George Son U 14 Baker Marshfield        
  Frederick Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ernest Son   2 Scholar Marshfield        
191 Main Street                    
GAY Edith Head M 46 Labourers Wife Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Daughter   11 Scholar Marshfield        
192 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK Walter Head M 32 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Allice Wife M 31   Marshfield        
  Beatrice Daughter   2   Marshfield        
  Walter Son   3m   Marshfield        
193 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK John Head M 63 Farm Labourer Castle Coombe, Wilts        
  Dinah Wife M 68   Monmouth        
  Worthy Son   30 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Hannah Grand Daughter   14 Scholar Marshfield        
194 Main Street                    
WRIGHT Hester Head U 74 Annuitant Englishcombe, Som        
195 Main Street                    
REEVES Mary Head M 50 Grocer Marshfield        
  Mary Sister In Law M 60 Assistant Tormarton, Glos        
196 Main Street                    
PULLEN John Head M 55 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Wife M 50   Marshfield        
  Frank Grandson   7   Marshfield        
197 Main Street                    
WOODHAM Henry Head M 42 Groom (8) Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 36   Marshfield        
  Frederick Son U 18 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  William Son U 14 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Charles Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  George Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Frank Son   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Fanny Daughter   4 Scholar Marshfield        
  Harry Son   1   Marshfield        
198 Main Street                    
DAVIS William Head M 30 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 28   Nettleton, Wilts        
  Albert Son   2   Marshfield        
199 Main Street                    
BURCOMBE Isaac Head M 69 Mason Marshfield        
  Maria Wife M 64   Malkshire, Wilts        
  Alfred Son U 34 Mason Marshfield        
200 Main Street           Age        
FISHLOCK Richard Head M 64 Farmer Of 50 Acres 2 Men Employed Marshfield        
  Catherine Wife M 60   Horton, Glos        
MORLEY Lydia Wifes Sister U 66 Assistant (Farm Bailiff) Little Sodbury, Glos        
201 Main Street                    
BOWN Edith Head W 87 Independent North Wraxall, Wilts        
ELMS Hannah Sister U 79 Independent North Wraxall, Wilts        
BRYAN Lena C.   U 22 Housekeeper (Dom) Cold Ashton, Glos        
DREW Anne Servant U 21 General Servant North Wraxall, Wilts        
202 Main Street                    
MAYES Mary Ann Head M 33 Farm Labourers Wife Marshfield        
  James Son U 14 Labourer Marshfield        
  Walter Son U 12 Scholar Marshfield        
  George Son   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ellen Daughter   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Albert Son   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Sarah Ann Daughter   3 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ruth Daughter       Marshfield        
BENCE Sarah Mother W 60 Nurse (SM) Marshfield        
203 Main Street                    
BENCE George Head M 22 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Sarah Ann Wife M 23   Marshfield        
204 Main Street                    
HOOK William Head M 55 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Sarah Ann Wife M 51   Marshfield        
  George Son U 22 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Harry Son U 16 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Samuel Son U 15 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Selina Daughter   13 Scholar Marshfield        
  Albert Son   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ann Grandaughter   1   Marshfield        
205 Main Street                    
DAVIS Isaac Head M 70 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 68   Marshfield        
  Edward Lodger W 75 Retired (Farmer) Marshfield        
206 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK Thomas Head M 32 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Virtue Wife M 30   Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Selenia Daughter   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Arthur Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Frank Son   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Jesse Son   3 Scholar Marshfield        
207 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK Richard Head M 32 Inn Keeper (The George Inn) Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Wife M 36   Warmley, Glos        
  Florence Daughter   5   Marshfield        
  Beatrice Daughter   3   Marshfield        
  Alice Daughter   1   Marshfield        
HOLDER Jane Servant   14 General Servant Colerne, Wilts        
208 Main Street                    
CAMERY Charles Head M 68 Farmer Of 5 Acres Marshfield        
  Joanna Wife M 60   Marshfield        
  Joseph Son U 19 Farmer (Son) Marshfield        
209 Main Street                    
STAPLES Priscilla Head W 80 Receiving Alms Box, Wilts        
210 Main Street                    
STAPLES Mary Head W 60 Retired From Business (Inn Keeper) Gutherington, Glos        
211 Main Street                    
BURCOMBE Isaac Head M 48 Mason Marshfield        
  Eliza Wife M 48   West Littleton, Glos        
212 George Lane           Birthplace        
Francis COX Francis Head M 45 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Harriet Wife M 52   Cold Ashton, Glos        
  William Son   14 Scholar Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Daughter   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Harriet Daughter   8 Scholar Marshfield        
213 George Lane                    
JONES Charles Head M 34 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Rosena Wife M 33   Marshfield        
  Thomas Son   4   Marshfield        
  Florena Daughter   3   Marshfield        
214 Castle Farm           Birthplace        
OSBORNE Francis Head U 30 Farmer Of 300 Acres Employ 5 Men 6 Boys West Littleton, Glos        
  William Brother U 37 Farmer West Littleton, Glos        
  Ann Sister U 34 Farmer's Daughter West Littleton, Glos        
HITCHCOCK Lucy May Niece   4 Millers Daughter Brinkworth, Wilts        
215 Castle Cottages                    
WALTERS Charles Head M 24 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Jane Wife M 23   Thornbury, Glos        
  Elizabeth Daughter   1   Marshfield        
  Ada Daughter   2m   Marshfield        
216 Castle Cottages                    
PRICE John Head M 32 Farm Labourer Minety, Wilts        
  Emely Wife M 30   Chalton, Wilts        
  Rose Daughter   9 Scholar Minety, Wilts        
  Leausia Daughter   7 Scholar Minety, Wilts        
  Albert Son   4 Scholar Lambourne, Berkshire        
  Alice Daughter   7m   Marshfield        
217 Castle Cottages           Birthplace        
JONES Henry Head M 26 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 23   Marshfield        
  William Son   4m   Marshfield        
218 Westend Town                    
MATTHEWS William Head M 36 Farmer Of 20 Acres Hinton, Glos        
  Clara Wife M 33   Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Ida Daughter   4   Marshfield        
  Clara Daughter   2   Marshfield        
  William Son   4m   Marshfield        
219 Westend Town                    
KEEL George Head M 65 Farm Labourer Malborough, Wilts        
  Sarah Wife M 71   Marshfield        
  William Grandson   15 Farm Labourer Castle Coombe, Wilts        
220 Middle Down   F                
GREENLAND Celia Head M 54 Farmer's Wife Stanton Wick, Som        
  James Son In Law U 24 Working On Farm Marshfield        
  Thomas Son U 14   Marshfield        
221 Old Field                    
FRY Hester Head W 77 Shareholder Paulton, Som        
  James C. Son U 43 Farmer Of 460 Acres Employ 8 Men 5 Boys Batheaston, Som        
  Joseph H. Son U 38 Farmer Of 460 Acres Employ 8 Men 5 Boys Batheaston, Som        
CHURCH Mary Servant U 20 Household Servant (Dom) Wanton, Wilts        
222 Old Field Cottages                    
GAISFORD George Head M 48 Farm Labourer Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Mary Wife M 45   Hullavington, Wilts        
  Amie P. Daughter   4   Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Jessie J. Son   3   Marshfield        
  Agnis L. Daughter   1   Marshfield        
223 Old Field Cottage                    
SHELL John   M 51 Shepherd Bradford On Avon, Wilts        
  Fanney   M 53   Bradford On Avon, Wilts        
224 Glos Road Cottage                    
FRANKCOM Samuel Head M 61 Contractor Of Roads & Farmer Of 20 Acres Employ 4 Men & 2 Boys Dyrham, Glos        
  Hester Wife M 62   Shipton, Glos        
CASTLE John Grandson U 17 Farm Labourer Bath, Som        
  Albert Grandson U 13 Scholar Bath, Som        
  Eliza Granddaughter   12 Scholar Bath, Som        
RAWLINGS Aaron Lodger W 36 Shepherd Dyrham, Glos        
  George Lodger   8 Scholar Dyrham, Glos        
225 Bath Road                    
PERRYMAN James Head M 45 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 41   Marshfield        
  Frederic Son   10   Marshfield        
  Mary Daughter   8   Marshfield        
  Joseph Son   5   Marshfield        
  James Son   2   Marshfield        
226 Bath Road                    
ROBINSON Frederic Head M 64 Farm Labourer Sherston, Wilts        
  Dinah Wife M 63   Tormarton, Glos        
  Frederic Son U 35 Farm Labourer Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Granddaughter U 16   Welton, Som        
  Frederic Grandson   13   Weston, Som        
  Mary Granddaughter   11   Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales        
  Charles Grandson   9   Neath, Glamorgan, Wales        
  Emley Granddaughter   6   Neath, Glamorgan, Wales        
227 Alms House                    
HAMELTON William Head W 85 (Inmate Of Almshouse) ((Receiving Alms)) ((Tailor)) Scotland        
228 Alms House                    
MARTIN George Head W 73 (Inmate Of Almshouse) ((Receiving Alms)) ((Ag Lab)) Marshfield        
229 Alms House                    
BOND William Head W 81 (Inmate Of Almshouse) ((Receiving Alms)) ((Ag Lab)) Marshfield        
230 Alms House                    
WAIT John Head W 81 (Inmate Of Almshouse) ((Receiving Alms)) ((Ag Lab)) Box, Wilts        
231 Alms House   F                
SNAILUM Charlotte Head W 82 (Inmate Of Almshouse) ((Receiving Alms)) Leckmsted, Buckingham        
232 Alms House                    
BRIMFIELD Lucy Head W 76 (Inmate Of Almshouse) ((Receiving Alms)) Marshfield        
233 Alms House                    
LONG Elizabeth Head U 76 (Inmate Of Almshouse) ((Receiving Alms)) Marshfield        
234 Alms House                    
HULBERT Jane Head W 62 (Inmate Of Almshouse) ((Receiving Alms)) Marshfield        
235 Back Lane                    
SAINSBURY Joseph Head W 85 On Parish Relief Ag Lab West Kington, Wilts        
  John Son U 49 On Parish Relief ((Ag Lab)) Nettleton, Wilts        
236 Back Lane                    
HINTON Joseph Head M 46 Farmer Of 15 Acres Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Wife M 40   Marshfield        
  Thomas Son U 20 Work On Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  Clara Daughter U 13   Marshfield        
  Sidney Son   12   Marshfield        
  Ada Daughter   10   Marshfield        
  Joseph Son   9   Marshfield        
  Bertha Daughter   5   Marshfield        
  Alfred Son   2   Marshfield        
  Herbert Son   3m   Marshfield        
237 Main Street                    
HINTON Jacob Head M 47 Coal Miner Marshfield        
  Sarah Wife M 51   West Kington, Wilts        
  John Son U 19 Soldier Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Daur U 17   Marshfield        
BENNET Martha Boarder W 77 Annuitant London, London, Middlesex        
238 Main Street                    
LIMBRICK Thomas Head M 64 Retired Farmer Charfield, Glos        
  Anne Wife M 59   Berkeley, Glos        
239 Main Street                    
HALL Margaret Head W 59 Income Chiefly From Houses Marshfield        
  William Downs Son U 29 Painter & Paper Hanger Marshfield        
  Alice Downs Daughter In Law M 28   North Wraxall, Wilts        
  Evelyn Blanche Grand Daughter   4 Scholar Colerne, Wilts        
240 Main Street                    
PARKER John Head W 60 House Agent Thornbury, Glos        
241 Main Street           Birthplace        
TOOKEY Ann Head U 74   Stinchcombe, Glos        
242 Main Street                    
COATES Henry Head M 63 Contractor Of Roads Marshfield        
  Hannah Wife M 66   Marshfield        
  William Son U 25 General Labourer Marshfield        
243 Main Street                    
BEAZER Henry Head M 59 Mason Marshfield        
  Lucy Wife M 57   Marshfield        
  Kate Hughes Daur   15   Marshfield        
  Anne Jane Grand Daughter U 11 Scholar Marshfield        
244 Main Street                    
ABBOTT Stephen Head M 49 General Labourer Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 47 Formerly Laundress Marshfield        
WAIT Sarah Step Daur U 27 Domestic Servant Marshfield        
ABBOTT Edward Son U 19 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Annie Daur U 13   Marshfield        
245 Main Street                    
TILEY Richard Head M 38 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Sarah Anne Wife M 36   Marshfield        
  Charles Jos. Son U 13 Scholar Marshfield        
  Chartte.Louisa Daur U 11 Scholar Marshfield        
  William H. Son   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Herbert James Son   4 Scholar Marshfield        
  Sidney Lewis Son   1   Marshfield        
  Edwin John Son   6m   Marshfield        
  Mary Mother W 65   Box, Wilts        
246 Main Street                    
TAYLOR John Head M 42 House Decorator Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 30   Rivenhall, Essex        
  Fuchsia E. Daur U 12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Earnest Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  John Son   3m   Marshfield        
247 Main Street                    
BODMAN Charles Head M 62 Draper & Grocer Hillmarton, Wilts        
  Lucy Wife M 60   Somerford, Wilts        
  Fredrick Son U 32 Grocers Assistant Marshfield        
  Blanche P. Daur U 27   Marshfield        
  Walter Son U 25 Drapers Assistant Marshfield        
  Mary Daur U 24 Drapers Assistant Marshfield        
  William C. Son U 17 Grocers Assistant Marshfield        
  Frances Lillian Daur U 15 Drapers Assistant Marshfield        
LLOYD Herbert W. Grandson   7 Scholar          
ROBINSON Mary Serv U 21 Domestic Servant Marshfield        
248 Main Street                    
JOHNSON Alfred Head M 37 Gardener (Dom) Colerne, Wilts        
  Roda Wife M 34 Laundress Colerne, Wilts        
  Albert Son U 14 Stable Boy (Groom 8) Colerne, Wilts        
  Emily Daur   12 Scholar Colerne, Wilts        
  Mary Daur   9 Scholar Colerne, Wilts        
  Lucy Daur   5 Scholar Colerne, Wilts        
249 Angel Inn                    
MAY William Head M 60 Inn Keeper Marshfield        
  Hannah Wife M 59 Inn Keeper Wife Marshfield        
HARDING Hannah Serv U 28 Barmaid (Inn Servt) Marshfield        
  Annie Boarder U 27 Dressmaker Marshfield        
250 Main Street                    
BEVAN Henry Head M 51 Boot Maker Hanham, Glos        
  Anne Wife M 52   St Georges, Glos        
PROCTER Louisa Daur M 27 Farmer's Wife Hanham, Glos        
BEVAN Elizabeth Daur U 21   Marshfield        
  William Son U 16 (No Oc) Marshfield        
  Robert Son   15 (No Oc) Marshfield        
  Ellen Daur   8   Marshfield        
DURNELL Ellen Lodger   3   Marshfield        
PROCTOR William Grandson   8m   Marshfield        
251 Main Street                    
TAVENER Henry Head M 52 Ag Lab St Catherines, Som        
  Mary Ann Wife M 45 Dressmaker Marshfield        
  Martin Henry Son   21 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Isaac Son U 15 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Charlotte Ann Daur   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Belinda Maria Daur   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Gilbert Son   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Agnes Daur   1   Marshfield        
252 Main Street                    
BLUNSDON John Head M 68 Baker & Corn Dealer Colerne, Wilts        
  Elizabeth Wife M 66   Colerne, Wilts        
  John Son U 26 Baker North Wraxall, Wilts        
253 Main Street                    
BANE Caroline Head W 78 Toy Shop Keeper Marshfield        
254 Main Street                    
WILTS Amelia Head W 74 Retired Dressmaker Woolley, Som        
255 Main Street                    
ADAMS John Baker Head M 43 Registrar Sanitary Inspector (Munic) Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Wife M 44   Coldashton, Glos        
  John Samuel Son U 18 Grocer Marshfield        
  Mary Hester Daur U 16   Marshfield        
  George Son   14 Scholar Marshfield        
  Alfred Son   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Fanny Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Walter Son   3            
256 Main Street                    
RICE James Richard Head M 32 Butcher (Employing 2 Men) Sherstone, Wilts        
  Rosa Wife M 30   Sherstone, Wilts        
  Edward Son U 12 Scholar Sherstone, Wilts        
  Alice Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Minnie Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Florence Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Henry James Son   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Frank Son   4 Scholar Marshfield        
  Rosa Daur   2   Marshfield        
  Annie Daur   7m   Marshfield        
ABBOTT Mary Serv   20 Domestic Servant Marshfield        
257 Main Street                    
THOMPSON Robert Head M 53 Farmer Of 20 Acres Chipping Sodbury, Glos        
  Mary Ann Wife M 49 Farmer's Wife Doynton, Glos        
258 Main Street                    
ISAAC Rebecca Head W 62 Baker & Grocer Marshfield        
BENJAMIN Jane Visitor U 15   Garway, Hereford        
259 Main Street Crown Inn                    
JEFFERIES Thomas Nephew (Head) U 21 In Charge Of House During The Temporary Absence Of The Landlady (Inn Servant) Marshfield        
260 Main Street                    
RAWLINGS George Head M 48 Farmer Of 20 Acres Dyrham, Glos        
  Hannah Wife M 56   Tormarton, Glos        
  Eliza Daur U 24   Dyrham, Glos        
261 Main Street                    
WOODWARD Henry J.   M 38   Marshfield        
  Frances F M 35   Stanton, Wilts        
  Henry J. M U 4   Bath, Som        
  Frances E. F   3   Marshfield        
  Lilian Ethel F   9m   Bath, Som        
JONES Sarah Ann   U 21   Marshfield        
262 Main Street                    
FISHLOCK James Head M 30 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Sarah Jane Wife M 25   Marshfield        
  William J.B. Son U 4 Scholar Marshfield        
  Rosina Alice Daur   2   Marshfield        
263 Main Street                    
BRYAN Thomas Head M 27 China & Glass Dealer Marshfield        
  Sarah Wife M 28   Marshfield        
  Minnie Jane Daur U 1   Marshfield        
JEFFERIES Elizabeth Aunt U 71   Marshfield        
BRADFIELD Sarah Cousin U 24   East Hendred, Berkshire        
264 Main Street                    
BENCE Joseph Head M 71 Retired Blacksmith Marshfield        
  Hannah Wife M 70   Marshfield        
265 Main Street           Birthplace        
TALBOT Charles Head M 47 General Labourer Marshfield        
  Sarah Wife M 40   Hinton, Glos        
  Fredrick Son U 13 General Lab Marshfield        
  Susan Daur   10 Scholar Marshfield        
266 Main Street                    
GALE Hester   U 56 Annuitant Marshfield        
267 Main Street                    
CHIVERS George Head M 42 Boot Maker Marshfield        
  Eliza Wife M 39   Marshfield        
  Eliza Daur U 13 Scholar Marshfield        
  Frank Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Emily Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Mary Daur   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Charles Son   3 Scholar Marshfield        
  Fredrick Son   11m   Marshfield        
268 Main Street                    
ENG Thomas Head M 30 Traction Engine Driver North Wraxall, Wilts        
  Mary Ann E. Wife M 26   Windsor, Berkshire        
  Henry Walter Son U 4m   Marshfield        
269 Main Street                    
JEFFERIES William Head M 62 Carpenter & Builder Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 60 Carpenter Wife Bath, Som        
  Ada Elizth. Daur U 16 Carpenter Daur Marshfield        
270 Main Street           Age        
FISHLOCK Reuben Head M 37 Maltster Lab Marshfield        
  Ellen Wife M 30   Marshfield        
271 Harcombe Cottage   M                
BROOKMAN Thomas Head M 35 Ag Lab (Carter) Nettleton, Wilts        
  Sarah Wife M 34   Monkton Farleigh        
  Emily Daur U 8 Scholar West Kington, Wilts        
  Elenor Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
272 Shirehill Farm                    
BRYAN Jonathan Head M 44 Farmer of 148 Acres (Emp 8 Men 2 Boys) Doynton, Glos        
  Isabella Wife M 48 Farmer's Wife Hemington, Som        
  Edwin Son U 17 Farmer's Son Siston, Glos        
  James Son   13 Farmer's Son Siston, Glos        
  Ada Daur   6 Farmer's Daur Bridgeyate, Glos        
BROOKMAN Sarah Serv   13 General Servant West Kington, Wilts        
273 Thorns Farm                    
BENNETT Thomas Head M 64 Farmer of 270 Acres (Employing 4 Men & 5 Boys) Tormarton, Glos        
  Jane Wife M 59 Farmer's Wife Chipping Sodbury, Glos        
  Mary R. Daur   30 Farmer's Daur Bristol, Glos        
  William Son U 28 Farmer's Son Bristol, Glos        
274 Thorns Cottage           Age        
WILLIAMS Joseph M. Head M 33 Formerly Farmer Wapley, Glos        
  Fanny Wife M 24 Farmer's Wife Bath, Som        
  Fanny Gertrude Daur   2 Farmer's Daur Dunkirk, Glos        
  Harry Wickham Son   1 Farmer's Son Dunkirk, Glos        
275 Thorns Cottage                    
BARRETT Charles   M 40   Old Sodbury, Glos        
  Susannah F   33   Chipping Sodbury, Glos        
  William M U 6   Old Sodbury, Glos        
  Albert     3   Tormarton, Glos        
  Thomas M   1m   Marshfield        
276 Star Farm   M       Age        
STRANGE William Head M 50 General Lab Tormarton, Glos        
  Margaret Wife M 41   Brinkworth, Wilts        
277 Little End                    
BEAZER James Head M 30 Shoe Maker Birmingham        
  Anne Wife M 31   Marshfield        
  Mary Elizth. Daur U 8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Darcey James Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Walter Samuel Son   4 Scholar Marshfield        
  Eli Son   3 Scholar Marshfield        
  James Father W 65 Formerly Shoemaker Marshfield        
278 Little End                    
RALPH Joseph Head M 55 General Lab Marshfield        
  Amelia Wife M 55   Melksham, Wilts        
  Selina Daur U 28 Domestic Servant Marshfield        
  George Son U 18 General Lab Marshfield        
  Ruth Daur   15   Marshfield        
279 Little End                    
HAYES John Head M 48 General Lab Marshfield        
  Sarah Wife M 48   Marshfield        
  Robert Son U 15 General Lab Marshfield        
  Edward Son   12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Daur   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Kate Daur   7 Scholar Marshfield        
280 Little End                    
BALL Joseph Head M 52 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Charlotte Wife M 49   Marshfield        
  William Son U 28 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Worthy Son   14 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Geoffrey Son   12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Annie Daur   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Sidney Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  George Son   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Jane Daur   3 Scholar Marshfield        
281 Little End                    
WOODHAM Moses Head M 64 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Martha Wife M 64   Marshfield        
282 Little End   M       Age        
COATES Charles Dyer Head M 66 Ag Lab Batheaston, Som        
283 Little End   M                
PERRYMAN Charles Head M 47 General Lab Marshfield        
  Hannah Wife M 46 Formerly Servant Marshfield        
  Jonathan Son U 11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Charles Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Edward Son   6 Scholar Marshfield        
284 Little End   M       Age        
ANDREWS George Head W 56 Contractor Of Roads Bath, Som        
  Ann Daur U 17   Marshfield        
  Mark Son   15 Road Lab Marshfield        
  Isaac Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Emma Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
285 Little End                    
MANFIELD James Head M 57 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 56 Formerly Servant Batheaston, Som        
  Charles Son U 18 (Under Carter) (Ag Lab) Marshfield        
  Frank Son   16 (Under Carter) (Ag Lab) Marshfield        
  Louisa Daur   14   Marshfield        
  James Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
286 Little End                    
GILLMAN Elizabeth F W 66   Marshfield        
  William M U 24   Marshfield        
287 Little End                    
WAIT Charles Head M 55 General Lab Weston, Som        
  Elizabeth Wife M 39   Marshfield        
  Edwin Bond Son U 16 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Clara Daur   14 Scholar Marshfield        
  James Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ada Daur   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Bertha Daur   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Albert Son   3 Scholar Marshfield        
288 Little End                    
BURCOMBE James Head M 46 Mason Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 42 Formerly Dressmaker Colerne, Wilts        
  James R. Son   15 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Edward Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
289 Little End           Birthplace        
PULLIN John Head M 36 Annuitant Marshfield        
  Martha Wife M 47 Charwoman Warminster, Wilts        
  Alice Stepdaur U 14 Domestic Serv Marshfield        
HARRIS Ellen Neice   11 Scholar London, London, Middlesex        
290 Little End                    
MILES Thomas Head M 21 Farm Carter (Lab) Yatton Keynell, Wilts        
  Elizth. Wife M 21   Bristol, Glos        
  Edwin Son   2m   Marshfield        
291 Little End   M                
MANFIELD George Head W 54 General Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Daur U 18 General Serv Marshfield        
292 Little End                    
BEAZER Sarah Head W 56   Marshfield        
  Frank Son U 16 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Matilda Daur   15 School Teacher Marshfield        
293 Little End                    
JEFFERIES John Head M 65 General Lab Marshfield        
  Caroline M Wife M 64   Bradford, Wilts        
  Matilda U Granddaur U 17 Domestic Serv Marshfield        
294 Little End                    
HULBERT Robert Head M 50 Blacksmith Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 61   Marshfield        
295 Little End                    
HULBERT Peter Head U 86 Stone Cutter Marshfield        
ABBOTT Elizabeth Sister W 77   Marshfield        
296 Little End                    
DIXON John Head M 22 General Lab Miserdine, Glos        
  Harriet Wife M 20   Tetbury, Glos        
  Mary Ann Daur   3m   Iron Acton, Glos        
297 Little End                    
COLES Daniel Head M 58 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Wife M 51   Marshfield        
  James Son U 29 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Daur   22   Marshfield        
  George Son   17 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Henry Son   14 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Charles Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
298 Little End                    
WOODHAM Sarah J. Wife (Head) M 38 Lab Wife Marshfield        
  Louisa Daur U 10 Scholar Marshfield        
  Henry Chas. Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Caroline J. Daur   4 Scholar Marshfield        
  Annie Daur   2   Marshfield        
  Rhoda M. Daur   4m   Marshfield        
299 Little End Pit Farm                    
PARKER Fredrick Head M 27 Farmer Of 32 Acres (Emp 1 Boy) Marshfield        
  Elizth.J. Wife M 24 Farmer's Wife Norwood, Surrey        
  Francis H. Son U 11m   Marshfield        
300 Little End                    
HOLDER Isaac Head M 33 General Lab Marshfield        
  Matilda Wife M 32   Marshfield        
NOWELL William Boarder W 72 General Lab Marshfield        
SEEMS Lydia Boarder   2   West Littleton, Glos        
301 Little End                    
PERRYMAN James M Head M 30 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ellen Wife M 31   Marshfield        
  William U Son U 9m   Marshfield        
302 Little End                    
PULLIN Moses Head M 62 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Jane Wife M 58 Handicap: Blind Marshfield        
  Emma Daur U 29   Marshfield        
ANDREWS Eliza Daur M 27 Ag Lab Wife Marshfield        
  Kate Granddaur U 2   Marshfield        
  Ada Granddaur   7m   Marshfield        
303 Little End   F                
BURCOMBE Alice M Wife (Head) M 58 Masons Wife Castle Combe, Wilts        
304 Little End                    
BLAKE Robert Head M 62 General Lab Tormarton, Glos        
  Selina Wife M 49   Kingston St Michaels, Wilts        
  Charles W. Son U 21 General Lab West Littleton, Glos        
  Eliza Ann Daur U 17 General Serv (D) West Littleton, Glos        
  Sarah M. Daur   11 Scholar Marshfield        
305 Market Place                    
SALMON Worthy E. Head M 44 Carpenter Marshfield        
  Merab Wife M 37 Carpenter's Wife Littleton Drew, Wilts        
  Albert G. Son U 21 Carpenter Son (No Oc) Marshfield        
  Worthy Son   16 General Serv Marshfield        
  Jesse Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Annie Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Minnie C. Daur   4   Marshfield        
  Edward W. Son   2   Marshfield        
306 Market Place           Age        
PERRIMAN Elizabeth Wife (Head) M 30 Lab Wife Batheaston, Som        
  Ellen M. Daur U 5   Marshfield        
  John Son   3   Marshfield        
  Emma Daur   2   Marshfield        
307 Market Place                    
HOLBROW John Head M 29 Baker Marshfield        
  Alice Wife M 30 Baker's Wife Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Edward C. Son U 3 Baker Son Marshfield        
308 Manor House                    
BRICKELL James Head M 44 Farmer Of 40 Acres Tisbury, Wilts        
  Elizabeth Wife M 50 Farmer Wife Wadhurst, Sussex        
  Henry Son U 20 Farmer's Son Dulwich, Surrey        
  James A. Son   16 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
309 Manor Cottage                    
CODRINGTON Walter W. Head M 48 Army Pensioner Iron Acton        
  Bridget Wife M 32 Army Pensioner Wife Chatham, Kent        
  Walter J. Son   4 Scholar Charlcome, Som        
  Fredrick G. Son   1 Infant Marshfield        
310 Home Farm           Age        
SHATFORD Benjamin Head M 50 Farmer Of 400 Acres (Emp 10 Men 5 Boys Stinchcombe, Glos        
  Annie Wife M 45 Farmer's Wife Malmsbury, Wilts        
  William J. Son U 19 Farmer's Son Stinchcombe, Glos        
  Frank Son   18 Farmer's Son Stinchcombe, Glos        
  Lucie Daur   13 Scholar North Nibley, Glos        
WEEKS Harriet Serv   24 General Serv (Domestic) Brokenborough, Wilts        
311 Hay Street                    
GALE Elias Head M 63 Shepherd Marshfield        
  Jane Wife M 64 Shepherd Wife Marshfield        
HAYWARD George Grandson U 5 Scholar Marshfield        
312 Hay Street                    
PULLIN James Head M 78 Retired Farmer Marshfield        
  Caroline Wife M 74   Bromham, Wilts        
  Edward Brother U 61 Farmer Of 12 Acres Marshfield        
313 Hay Street                    
PULLIN Edward Head M 33 Farmer Of 19 Acres Marshfield        
  Sarah Ann M Wife   33 Farmer's Wife Bromham, Wilts        
  Caroline Daur U 2   Marshfield        
  Frank James Son   10m   Marshfield        
FROGGART Laura Serv   14 Domestic Servant Bristol, Glos        
314 Hay Street                    
SMITH John Head M 58 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Maria Wife M 58 Ag Lab Wife Marshfield        
315 Hay Street           Birthplace        
CLEASE James C Head M 53 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Charlotte Wife M 51 Ag Lab Wife Marshfield        
  Mary Daur U 19 Servant (Domestic) Marshfield        
  Frank Son   16 Masons Lab Marshfield        
316 Hay Street                    
HINTON Joseph Head M 71 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 71   Purton Stoke, Wilts        
317 Hay Street                    
NOWELL Elizabeth Wife (Head) M 78 Dressmaker North Wraxall, Wilts        
  Priscilla Wait Daur U 35 Formerly Governess Marshfield        
318 Hay Street                    
ENG George Head M 43 Blacksmith North Wraxall, Wilts        
  Rose Anna Wife M 33 Blacksmith Wife Marshfield        
  Fredrick Wm. Son U 12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Ellen Letitia Daur   11 Scholar Wootten Bassett, Wilts        
  Louisa Jane Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Ann Daur   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  John Son   5 Scholar Marshfield        
  Alice Daur   4 Scholar Marshfield        
PULLIN John Father In Law W 73 Retired Farmer Marshfield        
319 Hay Street                    
TIPPER William Head M 64 Grocers Lab Marshfield        
  Naomi Wife M 61   Badminton, Glos        
320 Hay Street                    
DREW Robert Head M 72 Ag Lab Allbourn, Wilts        
  Elizabeth Wife M 64 Tailoress Marshfield        
321 Tormarton Rd                    
HAYWARD Richard Head M 28 Ag Lab Rudloe, Wilts        
  Emma Wife M 26   Devizes, Wilts        
  Eliza Daur U 4 Scholar Marshfield        
322 Tormarton Rd                    
ABBOTT Eliza Wife (Head) M 43 Lab Wife Marshfield        
  Charles Son U 17 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  Alice Daur   10 Scholar Marshfield        
  George Son   8 Scholar Marshfield        
  Emily Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Louisa Daur   1   Marshfield        
323 Tormarton Rd                    
SMITH William Head M 60 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  Mary Ann Wife M 56   Frampton Cottrell, Glos        
  Thomas Son U 30 Cowman (Ag Lab) Marshfield        
  Hannah Daur   28   Marshfield        
324 Belle Square                    
SEVIOUR Henry Head M 34 Journeyman Butcher Cranmore, Som        
  Ellen Wife M 36 Journeyman Butcher Wife Marshfield        
  Harriet Rose Daur U 5 Scholar Cranmore, Som        
  Caroline Daur   3   Marshfield        
325 Belle Square                    
GIBBS James Head M 59 Farm Lab Nettleton, Wilts        
  Jane Wife M 50   Marshfield        
  James Son U 18 Farm Lab Marshfield        
326 Belle Square                    
WHITE Thomas Head M 50 Farm Lab Waterford, Ireland        
  Sarah Wife M 46   Marshfield        
  Thomas Son U 21 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  Stephen Son   17 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  George Son   14 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  William Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Mary Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  David Son   6 Scholar Marshfield        
  Emily Daur   2   Marshfield        
327 Belle Square   M                
FISHLOCK George Head M 36 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 34   West Littleton, Glos        
  William Son U 12 Scholar Marshfield        
  Henry Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Reuben Son   4 Scholar Marshfield        
328 Hay Street                    
MILSOM Hannah Wife (Head) M 62 Lab Wife Marshfield        
329 Hay Street                    
HARDING Charles Head M 46 Carter Coalpit Heath, Glos        
  Mary Wife M 46 Carters Wife Marshfield        
  Caroline Daur U 22 Farm Serv (Domestic) Marshfield        
  Sarah Ann Daur U 20 Domestic Serv Marshfield        
  John Son U 18 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  Anne Daur   15 Domestic Serv Marshfield        
  George Son   13 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  Emma Daur   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  William Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
330 Market Place   M                
ROBINSON George Head M 46 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  Abigal Ann Wife M 46 Farm Lab Wife Stockley, Wilts        
  Sarah Ann Daur U 14 Scholar Marshfield        
  Alice Daur   12 Scholar Marshfield        
  George Son   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  Thomas Son   7 Scholar Marshfield        
  Eliza Daur   6 Scholar Marshfield        
331 Market Place                    
PULLIN Charles   M 66 Farmer of 40 Acres Marshfield        
  Mary Ann F M 47 Farmer's Wife Marshfield        
  Henry   U 27 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  William   U 25 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  George   U 22 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  Ada     9 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
  Walter     6 Farmer's Son Marshfield        
  Elena     2 Farmer's Daur Marshfield        
JAMES Elizabeth JAM   U 13 Farm Servant (Dom Indoor) Marshfield        
PULLIN George L.   U 77 Farmer Of Nine Acres Marshfield        
332 Market Place                    
HOLBROOK John Head M 47 Carter Marshfield        
  Charlotte Wife M 45 Charwoman Marshfield        
  Emma U Daur   14   Marshfield        
  Mary Jane Daur   7 Scholar Marshfield        
333 Market Place                    
PULLIN John Head M 29 Ag Lab Colerne, Wilts        
  Susan Maria Wife M 29   Colerne, Wilts        
  Amy Louisa Daur U 4   Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Millicent Maud Daur   2   Colerne, Wilts        
  George Milton Son   10m   Colerne, Wilts        
334 Market Place                    
ORCHARD William Head M 46 Wheelwright West Littleton, Glos        
  Eliza Wife M 44 Wheelwright Wife Cold Ashton, Glos        
BLAKE Frank Appren U 19 Wheelwright (Appr) West Littleton, Glos        
WHITE Hester Sister In Law W 35 Charwoman Marshfield        
  Drusilla Neice U 8 Scholar Cold Ashton, Glos        
  William Nephew   7 Scholar Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Eliza A. Neice   3 Scholar Cold Ashton, Glos        
335 Market Place                    
PULLIN Isaac Head M 75 Gardener (7/3) Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 72   Marshfield        
336 Market Place                    
HANCOCK James Head M 37 Small Landowner Of 2 Acres Marshfield        
  Rhoda Wife M 36 Landowner Wife North Wraxall, Wilts        
  Harry J. Son U 2   Marshfield        
  William H. Son   1   Marshfield        
NEWMAN Bessie Boarder U 24 School Mistress Chippenham, Wilts        
WAITE Mary E Boarder W 76 Independent Colerne, Wilts        
337 Market Place                    
BURCOMBE Peter H. Head W 75 Parish Clerk Marshfield        
  Susan M. Daur U 49 Dressmaker Marshfield        
  Fanny Daur   48 Dressmaker Marshfield        
338 Market Place Kings Arms                    
BILLETT Stephen Head M 70 Inn Keeper Dealer North Wraxall, Wilts        
  William Son U 40 Dealer (Gen) Gidea Hall, Wilts        
  Sarah J. Daur U 38   Warmley, Glos        
  Matilda R. Daur U 30 Barmaid (Inn Servt) Warmley, Glos        
  Daniel Son U 29 Bus Driver Warmley, Glos        
FISHLOCK Beatrice A. Granddaur   3   Marshfield        
BRIDGMAN Charles Lodger U 34 Labourer Little Somerford, Wilts        
339 Market Place Vicarage                    
HEAVER Thomas T. Head M 41 Curate In Charge Of Marshfield Ware, Hertford        
  Mary Ann L. Wife M 36 Clergymans Wife Benger, Hertford        
  Florence L.L. Daur   2   Bleadworth, Hampshire        
  Ethel L.L.T. Daur   1   Marshfield        
  Ellen M.L.T. Daur   4m   Marshfield        
DOWLE Elizabeth E. Nurse U 23 Nurse (Dom) Southampton, Hampshire        
340 Market Place                    
ABBOTT John Head M 57 General Lab Marshfield        
  Eliza Wife M 54   Marshfield        
  Thomas Son U 29 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  Harry Son   13 Farm Lab Marshfield        
341 Market Place                    
JENKINS James Head M 53 General Lab Marshfield        
  Frances Wife M 47   Marshfield        
  William Son U 18 General Lab Marshfield        
  Thomas Son   11 Scholar Marshfield        
  Florence Daur   9 Scholar Marshfield        
  James Son   4 Scholar Marshfield        
  Prudence Daur   1   Marshfield        
BEDFORD Fredrick Lodger U 43 General Lab Marshfield        
342 Market Place                    
DYER Thomas Head M 60 Ag Lab Dodington, Glos        
  Charlotte Wife M 72   Marshfield        
343 Market Place                    
RALPH Charles Head M 55 Ag Lab Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Wife M 55   Marshfield        
FRY Emily Daur M 23   Marshfield        
RALPH William Son U 17 Ag Lab Marshfield        
FRY Arthur Chas. Grandson   1   St Georges, Glos        
344 Market Place                    
CAMERY Ann Head W 72 Annuitant Marshfield        
BARTON Ann Neice U 36   Marshfield        
345 Market Place                    
ENG George Head M 76 Thrashing Machine Proprietor Doynton, Glos        
  Jane Wife M 72   Marshfield        
  Louisa Daur U 27   North Wraxall, Wilts        
346 National School School House                    
SIDWELL Thomas Head M 59 School Master Coventry, Warwick        
  Elizabeth Wife M 58 School Mistress Granborough, Warwick        
  Kate Daur U 14 Teacher Marshfield        
  Isaac S. Nephew   16 Pupil Teacher Coventry, Warwick        
347 Market Place                    
BRYAN Thomas Head M 57 Draper And Grocer Cold Ashton, Glos        
  Eliza Wife M 52   Westbury Leigh, Wilts        
  Sarah Ann U Daur   28   Marshfield        
  Julia Rebecca B. Daur   13   Marshfield        
  Howard William Grandson   3   Tormarton, Glos        
BILLETT Mary Ann Serv U 19 General Serv (Domestic) North Wraxall, Wilts        
348 Market Place Nelson Inn                    
DAVIS William Head M 29 Inn Keeper Marshfield        
  Rowena Wife M 28 Inn Keeper Wife Colerne, Wilts        
  Lillian A. Daur   4   Marshfield        
  Amy E. Daur   2   Marshfield        
HALL Annie Serv U 14 Domestic Serv Yatton Keynell, Wilts        
CLIFFORD James Lodger U 24 Ag Lab          
349 Market Place                    
CHIVERS William Head M 68 Cordwainer Box, Wilts        
  Mary Wife M 66   Marshfield        
  George H. Grandson U 17 General Lab Marshfield        
  William Grandson U 15 General Lab Marshfield        
350 Dyers Passage                    
LEGG Eliza Head W 63   Marshfield        
  Georgina Daur U 35   Marshfield        
  William Son U 24 Farm Lab Marshfield        
351 Dyers Passage                    
JONES Thomas Head M 60 Farm Lab Marshfield        
  Ann Wife M 53   Marshfield        
  Thomas Son U 24 Carpenter Marshfield        
  Laura Daur   15   Marshfield        
  Elizabeth Daur   12   Marshfield        
  Hannah Daur   9   Marshfield        
352 Dyers Passage