Census pages (Information from personal research at Bristol, Gloucester and Taunton Record Offices, and Wiltshire and Swindon Archives.)

Dyrham & Hinton Gls, Eng 1901
Notes for this census           
The christening, burial & marriage dates are generally correct, but please check them against the parish register for accuracy!           
The numbers are my reference numbers. They are not the house or enumerator's numbers.           
(key W = working; o/a = own accounts; H = at home; E = employer)
Surname Christian Status   Age Occupation     Born Christened Buried Married
  (maiden name in brackets)                    
1 Cock Lane                      
SYMES Charles E Head M 46 Ordinary Ag lab W   Beaminster, Dur      
MILLARD William Head M 53 Quarryman on farm W   Wedmore, Som      
  Mary A Wife M 47       Wedmore, Som      
  Maria e Daur S 17 Dairymaid on farm     Wedmore, Som      
  George O So   13       Wedmore, Som      
  Clarice A Daur   11       Wedmore, Som      
3 Talbot Farm                      
GENT Frederick Head M 60 Farmer E   Ash Prio, Som      
  Ethel Wife M 31       Bedington, Som      
  Isabel Daur   6       Dyrham      
  Hilda Daur   5       Dyrham      
  Charles Son   3       Dyrham      
  Beatrice Daur   2       Dyrham      
4 Rock Lane Top of School Hill                      
ALWAY Penton Head M 31 Farmer E   Hinton      
  Beatice Wife M 27       Kingham, Oxen      
  Ernest P Son   3       Hinton      
  Maurice Son   1w       Hinton      
BARBER Sarah Servant W 77       Hinton      
5 School House                      
CROSS Thomas H Head M 45 School master o/a   Wimborne, Dor      
  Elizabeth A Wife M 46 School mistress     Plymouth      
  Reginald T Son S 19 Pupil teacher     Plymouth      
  Elsie C E Daur S 12 Scholar     Plymouth      
6 Chapel Lane                      
MOSS Edwin Head M 61 Carter on farm W   Charhill, Wilts      
  Jane Wife M 61       Cold Ashton      
  Henry S Son S 38 (hip disease)     Cold Ashton      
  Frederick C Son S 18 Carter on farm W   Hinton      
MILSOM William Grandson S 13 Milk boy on farm W   Pucklechurch      
7 Chapel Lane                      
MOSS Isaac Head M 31 Cowman on farm W   Cold Ashton      
  Alice Wife M 30       Hinton      
  George Son   8 Scholar     Hinton      
  Alfred Son   6 Scholar     Hinton      
  Blanche Daur   1       Hinton      
  Arthur Son   8m       Hinton      
8 Chapel Lane                      
LONG William Head M 70 Haulier o/a   Hinton     21.4.1860
  Hannah (Davis) Wife M 63       Hinton     21.4.1860
  John Son S 31 Haulier     Hinton      
9 Dyrham Lane                      
LONG John Head M 52 General farm lab W   Hinton      
  Mary Wife M 53       Wapley      
  Fred Son S 29 General farm lab     Hinton      
  Alice Daur S 18       Dyrham      
  Frank Son S 12 Scholar     Hinton      
  Henry Son S 12 Scholar     Hinton      
10 Dyrham Lane                      
CLIFFORD William Head M 46 Highway roadman W   West Littleton      
  Ruth Wife M 43       Dyrham      
  Selina Daur S 23 General servant dom     West Littleton      
  William Son S 13 Farm lab W   West Littleton      
  Florence Daur   10 Scholar     West Littleton      
  Ellen Daur   6 Scholar     Hinton      
  Hilda Daur   1       Hinton      
11 Ring of Bells Farm                      
FORD Elizabeth Head W 58 Living on own means     Blagdon, Som      
  James Son S 34 Farmer's son W   Wrington      
  Benjamin Son S 26 Farmer's son W   Wrington      
  Thomas Son S 24 Farmer's son E   Wrington      
  Ada Daur S 23       Wrington      
12 Boyd Hill                      
CASE James Head M 49 Shepherd on farm W   Shakewich, Wilts      
  Mary Wife M 47       Amesbury      
  Henry J Son S 18 Ag lab W   Amesbury      
  George Son S 15 Carter on farm W   Amesbury      
  Fanny L Daur   12 Scholar     Amesbury      
  Margaret Daur   8 Scholar     Amesbury      
13 Lower Field Farm                      
WORLOCK Robert Head M 44 Farmer E   Codrington      
  Mary Wife M 36       Pucklechurch      
  Sybil D Daur   10       Hinton      
  Robert F Son   7       Hinton      
  Annie E Daur   5       Hinton      
14 Hinton Road                      
BALL Silas Head M 30 Lab on farm W   Dyrham      
  Mary Ann Wife M 33       Codrington      
  Louisa Daur   9       Hinton      
  Albert Son   6       Hinton      
15 Healy Court                      
CREW Henry J Head S 36 Farmer W   Langridge, Som      
  Frances M Sister S 44       Wick      
  Mabel Sister S 31       Langridge, Som      
  Anitta Neice S 14       Dyrham      
16 Hinton Common                      
NICHOLLS William Head M 44 Boot maker o/a   Pucklechurch      
  Eliza M Wife M 40       Cirencester      
  Oliver Son S 15 Ordinary ag lab W   Hinton      
  Winifred Daur S 13       Hinton      
  Victor W Son   9       Hinton      
17 Hinton Road                      
SHIPTON Robert Head M 42 Gardener - not domestic W   Dyrham 10.4.1859    
  Ada (Manners) Wife M 37       Hinton      
  Henry A Son S 14 Groom W   Hinton      
  Arthur Son S 11 Scholar     Hinton      
  Gilbert Son   8 Scholar     Hinton      
18 Hinton Road                      
HILLIER Alfred Head M 56 Lab on farm W   Marshfield      
  Emma Wife M 49       Hinton      
  George Son S 16 Cowman on farm W   Hinton      
  Emily Daur S 15       Hinton      
  Clara Daur   13 Scholar     Hinton      
  Albert Son   12 Scholar     Hinton      
  Florence B Daur   10 Scholar     Hinton      
  Edith Daur   6 Scholar     Hinton      
  Nelly Daur   5 Scholar     Hinton      
19 Hinton Road                      
KING William Head M 87 Retired farmer W   Hinton      
  Elizabeth Wife M 76       Swansea      
  Fredrick Son S 39 Carpenter o/a   Hinton      
20 Hinton Road                      
BENNETT Thirza (Gay) Head W 66 Retired school mistress     Pucklechurch      
21 Hinton Road                      
SALMON John Head M 30 Carpeter & wheelwright W   Dyrham      
  Elizabeth E Wife M 30       Dyrham      
  John H Son   5       Dyrham      
  Florence E Daur   5m       Dyrham      
MANNERS Annie E Sister-in-law S 25       Dyrham      
22 Hinton Road                      
SALMON Alfred T Head W 62 Blacksmith W   Marshfield      
  Elizabeth Wife (2nd wife) M 48       Henbury      
RUNLEY Wallace Boarder S 22 Carpenter     Henbury      
23 Hinton Road                      
SALMON Alfred T Head M 38 Carrier, grocer & shopkeeper o/a H Downend      
  Luouisa Wife M 38       Marshfield      
  Joy Daur   11       Codrington      
RUNLEY Alfred J Son   9       Codrington      
24 Hinton Road                      
BALL Henry Head M 47 Farmer o/a   Hinton 25.12.1853    
  Lucy Wife M 49       Cold Ashton      
  Amy A Daur S 22       Hinton      
25 Hinton Road                      
LEWIS Anna M Head W 47 Laundress W   Dyrham      
ENGLAND Howard   S 20 Worker on farm W   Hinton      
26 Hinton Road                      
RAWLINGS Henry Head M 67 Retiring cowman on farm     Dyrham      
  Edna Wife M 70       Wickwar      
  William Son S 31 Carter on farm W   Dyrham      
  James Grandson S 26 Tram car driver W   Dyrham      
27 Ford Lane                      
WALKER Thomas Head M 27 Farm lab W   Marshfield      
  Eleanor Wife M 23       Hinton      
  Lena M Daur   3       Ashwick      
28 Ford Lane                      
SHEWRING Henry Head M 45 Cowman on farm W   Sherston      
  Jane Wife M 46       Great Badminton      
  Thomas Son S 21 Ag lab W   Sherston      
  John Son S 15 Carter on farm W   Sherston      
  Albert Son   14 Carter's boy W   Dyrham      
  Clara Daur   12 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Arthur Son   10 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Sarah Daur   8 Scholar     Dyrham      
29 Ford Lane                      
ALWAY James G Head M 38 Ordinary ag lab W   Hinton      
  Emily Wife M 34       Hinton      
  Moses Son   8       Hinton      
  Mary Daur   6       Hinton      
  Margery H Daur   5       Hinton      
  Stanley G Son   3       Hinton      
  Arthur J Son   1       Hinton      
CREW William T Head M 49 Cowman - carrier o/a   Doynton      
  Sarah A Wife (2nd wife) M 36       Dyrham      
  Walter T Son S 22 Blacksmith W   Fishponds      
  Geoffrey Son   10       Hinton      
  George Son   6       Hinton      
  Sarah M Daur   5       Hinton      
  Henry Son   4       Hinton      
31 Ford Farm                      
ALWAY Harriet Head W 67 Farmer E   Chipping Sodbury      
  John Son S 41 Farmer's son W   Hinton      
  William Son S 39 Farmer's son W   Hinton      
SHEWRING Ada K Servant S 17 General servant dom W   Sherston      
32 Hinton Road                      
TAVINER Isaac Head M 62 Ag lab W   Marshfield      
  Mathilda Wife (2nd wife) M 48       Chippenham      
33 Hinton Road                      
DAVIS Mary Head W 74 Living on own means     Hinton      
BUOY Eliza A Visitor   9       Stanton St Quinton Wilts      
34 Hinton Road                      
BUOY Henry Head M 37 Yeoman on farm W   Nettleton      
  Emma Wife M 38       West Kington      
  Alfred Son S 14 Ag lab W   Chippenham      
  Ernest Son S 11       Stanton St Quinton Wilts      
  Rhoda E Daur   7       Stanton St Quinton Wilts      
  Oliver Son   2       West Kington      
  Albert Son   2       Hinton      
  Lilian R Daur   1m       Hinton      
35 Hinton Farm                      
GENT Henry Head M 38 Farmer W   Aller, Som      
  Charlotte Wife M 30       Dyrham      
  Dorothy G Daur   5       West Littleton      
  Harry Son   4       West Littleton      
  William G Son   1       Hinton      
POCOCK Sarah Sister-in-law M 34       Dyrham      
  Edward M Nephew   6       Cowley Oxen      
  Winifred M Neice   4       Cowley Oxen      
BUOY Clara K Servant S 14 General servant dom W   West Kington      
36 Hinton Road                      
EDWARDS Mary (Lisles) Head W 58 Medical nurse W   Hinton      
  Theophlis Son S 17 Ordinary ag lab W   Hinton      
37 Bull Inn                      
SMART Mark Head M 60 Farmer & innkeeper o/a   Oakley      
  Hester Wife M 55       Bitton      
  Beatrice A Daur S 27 Barmaid W   Bitton      
38 Hinton Hill                      
WEEKS John Head M 50 Ordinary ag lab W   Malmesbury      
  Mary J Wife M 49       Hinton      
39 Toll Down - Crown Inn                      
WHITE John Head M 76 Farmer E   Hinton      
  Mary Wife M 75       Sutton Benger Wilts      
  Mabel Daur-in-law W 29       Melksham      
  William Nephew   5m Shepherd on farm W   Tetbury      
LEWIS Peter Servant S 13 Cattleman on farm W   Hinton      
40 The Rectory                      
BALL Alfred Head M 34 Gardener - gentleman's W   Dyrham      
  Frances C Wife M 39 Caretaker   H Canerton, Som      
  Florence A Daur   3m       Dyrham      
CLARK Thomas Father-in-law W 67 Coal miner W   Colford, Som      
41 The Cottage                      
HARRISON Cuthbert Head M 64 Retired from business W   Aigbirth, Lancs      
  Anne F Wife M 50       Toxteth Park, Lancs      
RAWLINGS Emily Servant S 32 Cook - dom W   Sherborne, Warwicks      
GOUGH Ellen Servant S 35 Lady's maid - dom W   Littleton-on-Severn      
KENDRICK Amy A Servant S 21 Housemaid - dom W   Wilmcote, Warwicks      
SHIPP Emily Servant S 26 Parlourmaid - dom W   Yate      
RAWLINGS Lilian R Servant S 26 Kitchen maid - dom W   Pensylvannia      
HARRISON Sybil A Daur S 25       Liverpool, Lancs      
42 1 Church Road                      
BARBER John Head M 48 Butler - dom     Salisbury      
  Lucy Wife M 43       Buckland St Mary, Som      
  Winifred M Daur S 14       Bath Weston, Som      
  Charles S Son   9 Scholar     Bath Weston, Som      
  Clara Daur   7 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Annie G Daur   3 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Lucy G Daur   3 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Edith A Daur   2m       Dyrham      
43 2 Church Road                      
DAVIS Henry (2nd husband) Head M 28 Carter on farm W   Wapley      
  Ellen E Wife M 34       Dyrham      
BALL Hannah Stepdaur   11 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Edward Stepson   9 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Annie Stepdaur   7 Scholar     Dyrham      
DAVIS Beatrice M Daur   7m       Dyrham      
44 3 Church Road                      
HARDY Frank Head S 28 Estate baliff & carpenter W   Wringerworth, Derby      
  Harriet Sister S 18 Housekeeper - dom     Wrinerworth, Derby      
45 4 Church Road                      
BALL Emily Head W 68 House duties     Pucklechurch      
  Kate Grandaur S 18 House duties     Pucklechurch      
46 5 Church Road                      
BALL George Head M 39 Gardener - dom W   Dyrham      
  Charlotte Wife M 38       Keynsham      
  Winifred A Daur S 12 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Christopher Son   10 Scholar     Dyrham      
47 6 Church Road                      
ANDREWS Robert Head M 30 Coachman dom     Salisbury      
  Alice Wife M 35       Wells, Som      
  Alice C Daur   6 Scholar     Glastonbury      
  Theodora Daur   7m Scholar     Dyrham      
  Clara A Sister-in-law M 25 Scholar     Shaftsbury, Dor      
  Percival R Nephew   5 Scholar     Salisbury      
48 Dyrham Park                      
BLATHWAY Wynter T Head M 75 Clergyman - Church of England     Bath, Som      
  Mary S Wife M 67       Jamaica      
  Robert W Son M 50 Living on own means     Checkley, Staffs      
  Wynter E Son S 41 Clergyman - Church of England     Langridge, Som      
  Margaret E Daur-in-law M 46       Barton Blunt, Derby      
VOISEY? George A Visitor S 35 Clergyman - Church of England     Ireland      
SANDERS Elizabeth Servant S 55 Lady's maid - dom     South Molton, Dev      
PHILLIPS Rose Servant S 29 Cook - dom     Bishops Chundle, Dev      
WINSTONE Phoebe Servant S 27 Housemaid - dom     Brecon, Wales      
TAYLOR Mary Servant S 17 Housemaid - dom     Melksham      
LAPHAM Emma Servant S 19 Kitchen maid - dom     Kilmington, Dor      
FIELD Amelia A Servant S 15 Scullery maid     Colerne      
GALE Eleanor M Servant S 19 Housemaid - dom     Swindon      
LEWIS Frederick Servant S 14 Page     Wick      
49 Park Lodge                      
TANDY Jesse J Head M 41 Game deer keeper (blind right eye)     Hawkesbury Upton      
  Lydia Wife M 30       Heylesby, Wilts      
  William G Son   10 Scholar     Charlton Kings      
  Louisa M Daur   8 Scholar     St Johns, Worc      
50 2 Sands Hill                      
BRIMBLE George Head M 36 Dairyman on farm W   Small Heath, Staffs      
  Kate Wife M 35       Stanton Wick, Som      
  Maud Daur   13 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Daisy Daur   11 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Frederick Son   9 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Maurice Son   7 Scholar     Dyrham      
51 3 Sands Hill                      
EDWARDS Henry Head W 70 Lab on estate     Dyrham     27.8.1859
  Annie Daur S 23       Dyrham      
52 4 Sands Hill                      
BALL George Head M 58 Sub postmaster & shopkeeper W H Dyrham     6.6.1854
53 5 Sands Hill                      
FRANKCOM Samuel Head M 62 Lab on estate W   West Littleton     24.9.1864
  Ellen (Jeffries) Wife M 60       Dyrham     24.9.1864
  Louisa Daur S 16       Dyrham      
54 Oldfield Turnpike House                      
WATTS Richard Head W 50 Ag lab     Badminton      
  Esther Daur S 24       Acton Turville      
  John Brother S 43 Carter on farm     Badminton      
  Williams Grandson   1 Scholar     Dyrham      
55 Sands Farm House                      
ALWAY William Head M 72 Farmer E H Dyrham      
  Matilda Wife M 57 Farmers Wife     Dyrham      
  Mary E Daur S 24 Farmer's daur     Dyrham      
  Robert J Son S 20 Farmer's son     Dyrham      
  William Son S 19 Farmer's son     Dyrham      
  Bessie Daur   14 Farmer's daur     Dyrham      
  Edith E Daur   12 Farmer's daur - scholar     Dyrham      
56 1 Dyrham Street                      
THOMAS Frederick Head M 22 Farm lab     St Pauls Bath      
  Elizabeth Wife M 28       Marshfield      
57 2 Dyrham Street                      
ENGLAND Ann (Payne) Head W 64       Old Sodbury     16.4.1871
  Larry Son S 29 Sexton & carpenter o/a H Dyrham      
58 3 Dyrham Street                      
HAYWARD George Head M 50 Coachman - dom     Dyrham      
  Fanny Wife M 52       North Bovy, Dev      
  Ethel Neice S 20       Nuneaton, Leics      
IRELAND Sarah Visitor S 48 Housekeeper - dom     North Bovy, Dev      
59 4 Dyrham Street                      
RAWLINGS Aaron Head M 56 Ag lab     Dyrham      
  Susannah Wife M 54       Westerleigh      
60 5 Dyrham Street                      
PACKER Mathilda Head W 60 Laundress     Wickwar      
61 6 Dyrham Street                      
ANSTEY William Head M 75 Estate lab W   Dyrham      
  Eliza Wife M 70       West Littleton      
  Arthur C Son S 24 Gardener not dom     Dyrham      
62 7 Dyrham Street                      
ANDREWS Robert W Head M 38 Gardener - dom     Marshfield      
  Alice S Wife M 32       Wells, Som      
  Alfred W Son   11 Scholar     Wotton-Under-Edge      
  Florence A Daur   10 Scholar     Wotton-Under-Edge      
  Ellen E Daur   3       Dyrham      
  William E Son   2       Dyrham      
  Arthur E Son   1       Dyrham      
  John Father W 69 Retired farmer     Stoke Gifford      
63 8 Dyrham Street                      
NASH Albert Head M 37 Boot maker o/a H Hinton      
  Harriet E Wife M 38       Hinton      
  Joseph C Son   14 Under gardener     Dyrham      
  Elizabeth R Daur   12 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Albert Son   10 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Mary E Daur   7       Dyrham      
  Mabel Daur   4       Dyrham      
  Dorothy Daur   2       Dyrham      
64 9 Dyrham Street                      
LEWIS George Head M 54 Painter & plasterer o/a H Cold Ashton      
  Mary J Wife M 49 Laundress     West Croker, Som      
  Charles R Son S 18 Painter & plasterer - apprentice     Dyrham      
  Mary S Daur   9 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Ella Daur   4       Dyrham      
65 10 Dyrham Street                      
GODWIN Sarah Head S 66 Living on own means     Dyrham      
66 11 Dyrham Street                      
MOSS Edwin Head M 33 General lab W   Cold Ashton      
  Elizabeth Wife M 36       Hinton      
  Henry Son   8 Scholar     Dyrham      
  Edwin Son   6 Scholar     Dyrham      
67 12 Dyrham Street                      
BALL Azariah Head W 63 Farmer E H Hinton     25.2.1861
  Aaron Son S 32 Farmer's son     Hinton      
68 13 Dyrham Street                      
ANSTEY George Head M 72 Small farmer o/a   Dyrham   7.5.1906  
  Hannah Wife M 70       West Littleton   15.1.1915  
  William Son S 30 Ordinary ag lab W   Dyrham      
69 14 Dyrham Street                      
MOSS Eliza Head W 57       Dyrham      
  Frederick Son S 25 Estate lab     Dyrham      
  Charles Son S 21       Dyrham      
  Elsie Daur   14       Dyrham      
70 15 Dyrham Street                      
RAWLINGS Charles Head M 62 Lab estate     Dyrham 19.1.1837    
  Elizabeth Wife M 54       Marshfield      
  Ethel K Grandaur   14       Dyrham      
71 16 Dyrham Street                      
BALL Moses Head M 62 Groom - dom     Dyrham     28.2.1861
  Mary A (Coleman) Wife M 59       Melksham     28.2.1861
  Kate Daur   13 Scholar     Hinton      
72 17 Dyrham Street                      
WALKER George Head M 66 Gardener     Marshfield      
  Harriet Wife M 68       Marshfield      
73 Home Farm House                      
BRYAN James Head S 33 Farmer E   Siston      
  Ada Sister S 26   W   Warmley      
PRICE Minnie Help S 22 Worker W   Bristol      
74 Lower Lodge Farm                      
HIGGINS Joseph Head M 53 Farmer E H Chelwood, Som      
  Louisa Wife M 57 Farmer's wife     Chelwood, Som      
  Albert Son S 25 Farmer's Son W   Stanton Wick, Som      
  Elizabeth Daur S 23 Farmer's daur     Stanton Wick, Som      
  Edward Son S 21 Farmer's Son W   Stanton Wick, Som      
  Arthur Son S 16 Farmer's Son     Dyrham      
  Lewin Son S 14 Farmer's Son - scholar     Dyrham      
  Rose Daur   12 Farmer's daur - scholar     Dyrham      
  Henry Son   7 Farmer's Son - scholar     Dyrham      
75 Doynton Lane                      
CROSS Mary E Wife M 29 Dressmantle maker o/a H Melbourne, Australia      
  Elsie M E Daur   3       Long Ashton      
  Henry H Son   1       Stoke St Gregory      
All Saints, Leigh, Wil, Eng
1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901
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Ashton Keynes
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1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901
Parish Register transcripts
Baptisms, Marriages, Burials
1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901
Parish Register transcripts
Baptisms, Marriages, Burials